07/21/21 Update – DAO, NiftySlabs Partnership

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GANG GANG – A few updates to kick off the week:

Gutter Rats
We hope everyone is enjoying their Gutter Rats! We’re very happy with how the launch went, and how the Gutter Rats have been received by the Gutter Cat Gang and NFT community at large. The Gutter Rats collection on OpenSea is officially verified, and we’ve surpassed 335 ETH volume in just over 48 hours while maintaining impressive unique ownership! https://opensea.io/collection/gutterrats – Gutter Rats are also now listed on rarity.tools! https://rarity.tools/gutterratsWe’re excited for the Gutter Rats to grow within the shadows of the Gutter Cats and have a lot of exciting things planned for both Gutter Cat and Rat owners down the road!

Nifted Winners Nifted giveaway winners were announced on Twitter over the weekend: https://twitter.com/GutterCatGang/status/1414272896302817283 We still have a few more first edition Nifted displays to give away, so keep those #GutterCatsGetNifted submissions coming in on Twitter! The Devs will be handpicking the next set of winners, so don’t worry about not having enough followers to compete on Twitter – we see them all! Expected shipping from Nifted is early August – we’ll be in touch with the winners with confirmation details before then.

Gutter Cat Gang Comic Update
You guys killed these comic submissions! We received way more entries than expected, but will still have the applicants and Story Core assembled by July 14. Thereafter, the Story Core will meet until July 23, comic story voting opens on July 24, and the winning comic story will be revealed and comic production will begin on July 26. We are in talks with an awesome comic illustrator and can’t wait to get this thing launched!

Logo Update
As many of you have noticed, we have a new logo! https://twitter.com/VoxelBlaze/status/1412970107169492994 BIG congrats to for winning the logo contest, and a BIG thank you to everyone who took the time to create and submit a logo. All of the submissions were amazing, and it was very difficult to choose a winner. We have such a talented & passionate community – we appreciate y’all! Also, for those wondering – the OG GCG logo isn’t going anywhere – expect it to make a few appearances in the future.

Merch Update
Given the recent revamp of our logo, we are very excited with how the Merch capsule is coming along. We will share details on our Merch drop by next week. Merch sneak peak also coming very soon.

Gutter Jams Update
Gutter Jams is getting close to the final countdown! Resident super DJ has been straight killing it and we appreciate the community’s engagement in the voting process. The voting for Week 4 closes Thursday 7/14 at 7:00pm EST., and next week will be the last week of voting before moving onto the last round of our final 30 contestants. Make sure you get your submissions in if you want your Cat’s jam to be featured as one of the 12 featured tracks on the Gutter Cat Gang custom mixtape.

NiftySlabs Partnership
We have officially partnered with NiftySlabs! We believe NiftySlabs presents a great way to collect a physical representation of a guaranteed 1 of 1 of your Gutter Cat to display on your desk or trade with other Gutter Cat owners. In connection w/ our partnership, we’re launching a Gutter Cat x NiftySlabs Dev Signature edition. All Gutter Cat Gang members will have the option to purchase a NiftySlab for .032ETH (20% discount from NiftySlabs). The Dev Signature Edition Slab will only run for the month of July, so make sure you place your order at https://niftyslabs.com/pages/gcg-signature before August!


We’re Growing!
The Gutter Cat Gang is going to be a worldwide brand and we are investing in our long term growth by recruiting two full time paid positions for the Gutter Cat Gang Team. These support positions will blow up our brand exposure and help us achieve milestone after milestone for the years to come. The positions are:
1) Marketing Specialist (responsibilities will include social media management, graphic design, video editing, copywriting, community engagement, and more)
2) Operations Specialist (responsibilities will include administrative duties, documenting SOPs, vetting and managing partnerships, handling support tickets, and more) If you’re interested, please submit your resume and brief cover letter to jobs@guttercatgang.com. With this additional support, we’re going to accomplish more this year than any other project.

OnCyber Gutter Club
While we work with our team of builders on developing the Gutter in the Sandbox, we have a little sneak peak of what the metaverse Gutter Club will look and feel like. This will be available in the form of an OnCyber 3D art gallery. Any cat owner can access the club model and use it to create a gallery of their own and invite others starting tomorrow when this goes live ! We have created an example “show” with some members of the community that will be available on OnCyber’s homepage https://cyber-art-git-dev-oncyber.vercel.app/guttergangclub. Go check it out! Special thanks to and for helping put this together for the whole Gang!

We are amped on the DAO related progress being made behind the scenes. The DAO website frontend and design are fully completed and backend development is currently underway. We’re aiming for an official launch of the DAO website on Caturday! In the meantime, the DAO registration form is now live – please fill this out if you’d like to be involved! https://guttercatgangdao.typeform.com/to/HPvpy2Ul For those wondering, DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, and presents a unique and intriguing organizational structure that’s representative of decentralization and diversity. DAOs exemplify any need for universally borderless organizations that utilize smart contracts to coordinate community relationships and organizational operations while enforcing ecosystem expectations and automating processes.

Here’s what to expect from the DAO next:
1. Official DAO Website Launch: We expect the website to launch on this coming Caturday! Let us know what you guys think of the frontend mockups attached!
2. Gutter Cat Gang DAO Brand Identity: Check out the new DAO GCG logo! Also, certain Gutter Cats will be selected to be featured in the Gutter Cat Gang DAO Intro animation video. More details to come.
3. Gutter Cat Gang DAO Team: We need people to join the DAO who have social media and blogging experience to take charge and lead these arms of the DAO.

Please fill out the following form if you’re interested in becoming a GCG DAO community leader: https://guttercatgangdao.typeform.com/to/pTbgVlCi