1.0 Gutter Merch Launch & Redemption


GANG GANG – The 1.0 Gutter Merch Capsule 

is LIVE!


The 1.0 Gutter Merch Collection is an NFT that is redeemable for our genesis bundle of merch, which consists of a dad hat, hoodie, and tee. Mint your customized bundle with preferred styles and sizes, and then hold, sell, trade, or redeem your NFT for the physical merch! Upon redemption, the NFT is burned and we’ll immediately ship your bundle anywhere in the world. Redemption will open 1-2 weeks after minting closes. Only Gutter Cat and Gutter Rat owners are eligible to purchase the inaugural 1.0 merch capsule (i.e., if you own a Gutter Cat OR a Gutter Rat you are eligible for the genesis merch drop (and may mint as many styles/sizes as you want))!

Redemption for the Gutter Cat Gang genesis merch collection is now open @ https://redeem.guttercatgang.com/

NOTE: – You must complete the checkout and shipping forms on the website immediately after burning your genesis merch NFT from a desktop. – You will not be able to restart this process after the NFT is burned! – Please burn and redeem using Google Chrome and MetaMask on a desktop to ensure a smooth redemption process – do not use a mobile device. – Please make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off on desktop/chrome.
Merch Redemption FAQ:
Q: What is the merch redemption website?
A: https://redeem.guttercatgang.com/

Q: What happens to the merch NFT once redeemed?
A: The Merch NFT is burned in exchange for your physical merchandise.

Q: Where do you ship? Are there shipping costs?
A: We will ship free of charge internationally.

Q: How long is merch redemption open?
A: Indefinitely.

Q: Can I burn the NFT and redeem later?
A: No! You must complete redemption and shipping form immediately after redeeming the NFT.

Q: Can I redeem on mobile?
A: We strongly recommend burning and redeeming on Google Chrome and MetaMask using a desktop for the best user experience. MetaMask mobile is known to prevent popups to avoid errors, so we highly recommend using a desktop.

Q: When does the merch ship?
A: Merch bundles are still in production but are expected to ship by September 27, 2021.

Q: Why is my burned merch token still showing on OpenSea?
A: Opensea takes awhile to refresh metadata for burned NFTs. Even though your token may still show on Opensea temporarily, you don’t actually own the token after you redeem it for the physical merch capsule.

Q: Are merch tokens still available?
A: Merch tokens are being sold on the secondary market on OpenSea. Please note that the merch sizes and colors in the metadata properties cannot be changed, so please confirm your size and colorway before purchasing on OpenSea. https://opensea.io/collection/gutter-merch