8/02/2021 Update – Twitter Spaces, Staff Update, GUTTERCON, Gutter City Update

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GANG GANG – hope everyone had a great Monday!

We wanted to give you guys a little GCG update to kick off the week…

47.8% Unique Ownership!
Gang… we are only 65 cats away from achieving 50% unique ownership. Tell your friends and family about the Gutter Cat Gang and encourage them to join our community before our floor moons! We already know that the Gutter Cat Gang is a top 3 avatar NFT project along with the Crypto Punks and Bored Apes. Within a few short months, this undeniable fact will continue to become more apparent to the wider NFT community.

5,000 ETH Volume Surpassed!
The Gutter Cat Gang collection has surpassed 5,000 ETH volume, which is quite the feat for a collection of only 3,000 NFTs! We want to thank each and everyone of you gang members for holding down a community that resonates with a lot of people. We appreciate y’all more than you know!

12k Twitter Followers
We just hit 12k followers on Twitter and we’ve added 1,000 followers per week for the past two weeks. This kind of explosive growth has been made possible because of the fact that… BT joined the Team as our Marketing Specialist! officially joined the Gutter Cat Gang as our marketing specialist! BT will help us gain brand equity and exposure across different channels and will continue to do what he does on social – stunt. We are so excited to have BT on the team! Please give him a gutter welcome. We are still looking for an Operations Specialist to help with projects, partnerships, administration, and general operations so if you think you have what it takes, email us at jobs@guttercatgang.com

Comic Casting Call
We are looking for cats and rats from all walks of life in the Gutter to be included in our first issue comic. Head over to the 💥│comic-casting-call channel and drop an image of your cat and/or rat and why they should be included for a chance to be in the comic! By posting your cat and rat in the 💥│comic-casting-call channel, you authorize a perpetual license to use your NFT in all future comic issues and other related media derivatives thereafter.

Myth Division Comic Update
Our Story Core, including professional talent with impressive IMDB profiles, are working closely with Myth Division to create the most amazing issue one comic in the NFT space. Our plan is to produce a multi-issue anthology series and then pitch our universe as an animated series to major networks and streaming platforms. More info on this is coming soon! “Tales from the Gutter” Twitter Spaces, Tuesdays at 8 pm EST The one and only and have started what will soon become the #1 weekly Twitter space in the NFT universe. These guys have great chemistry, deep knowledge of the space, and are great hosts so put it on your calendar and show some love this and every Tuesday at 8 pm EST.!

DAO Update
The DAO smart contract isn’t live yet and this group is already making big moves. The Gutter DAO has secured partnerships with LandVault, Specific Engines, BYOPills, and DeadHeads and are just getting started.GUTTER CON
The DAO is working hard to sponsor our first official meetup and although things aren’t 100% yet, we are looking forward to getting everyone together as soon as possible. Stay posted for more details coming soon! Gutter City Update The Gutter Cat Gang and Blaze Games officially announced a partnership for Gutter City, the first fully fledged NFT city in the Sandbox! Some ideas for Gutter City include… Shoot some hoops on the GutterBall courts in the City Center ⁃ Have a drink or two at the local Smitten Kitten Dive Bar ⁃ Make it rain at the Purrfection Adults Club ⁃ Vibe with your crew at the Kibble Klub ⁃ Show off your new pimped-out ride at the Gutter Car Park ⁃ Throw down in PVP fights in the Claws-Out Fight Club ⁃ Make sure you know the secret passphrase to get exclusive access to the underground GutterPunch Raves ⁃ Place your bets with a bookie for Underground Frog Fights ⁃ Blow off some steam by Sewer Fishing with friends in the decaying canals of the Gutter City sewers ⁃ Grab some grub at Hanks Hotfrog Stand after shooting hoops ⁃ Get your cat nip fix at Carl’s Contraband Van.

IPFS Migration The Gutter Cats and Rats images and metadata officially migrated to decentralized IPFS storage. Voxel Cat’lacs The Voxel Cat’lac minting website will be coming down this Wednesday at 6 pm EST so make sure you mint your voxel cars as soon as possible!