6/29/21 Mid-Week Update

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What up Gutter Gang!

What a week it’s been. Within 72 hours, our floor rose from .25 to 1.2 ETH, we have 1,355 unique owners (45% distribution) (at the time of this post), and the rest of the NFT world is finally starting to see what we have known all along — the Gutter Cat Gang isn’t going anywhere. We appreciate all the support from the GCG community – without you guys, the Gutter wouldn’t be what it is today. And we promise we are just getting started! :emoji_74:
We have a ton of exciting things we’re working on so here’s an update on a few of em’:• We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with The Sandbox on a joint giveaway of $SAND and a Gutter Cat to commemorate the Gutter Cat Gang’s official purchase of an estate in The Sandbox metaverse! Stay tuned for our joint announcement tomorrow for details on how to enter. We are in talks with some of the best builders and game makers in the metaverse and our turf is going to be sweet — who’s ready to shoot some hoops?  We also want to encourage as many Gutter Cats as possible to buy land around our Sandbox headquarters to beef up our territory! Let’s take this MF over. 🏗️
• In connection with The Sandbox announcement, all Gutter Cat owners will receive 3D Voxel Gutter Cat NFTs fo’ FREE (+ gas)! For the sake of getting you something asap to start exploring The Sandbox with, this first drop will include a fully animated voxel cat that matches your Gutter Cat’s fur only. Later on, we will provide a process for you to order a custom updated version of your Gutter Cat with all properties voxelized. After that, we’re working on some very dope voxel NFT drops for your Gutter Cats to use in The Sandbox in the near future :2343catyum:.
Staffing news – has joined the muscle team and will be heading up the creation of the Gutter Cat Gang DAO. This will be an amazing opportunity for individuals to get more involved with community led projects and initiatives. We are currently discussing ways for the Devs to support the DAO financially so our community can spearhead some badass projects in the future! Please reach out to Jonah if you’re interested in contributing or have any DAO-related ideas or questions.
Crowdsourcing Rebranding Contest: we have been working tirelessly with two design studios on rebranding the Gutter Cat Gang logo, and despite making some progress, we don’t have anything ready to release as of now. With that said, we have been seriously impressed with the creative work of our community and think you guys could create something even more badass than what we’ve seen so far – therefore, we’re starting a crowdsourcing logo rebranding contest for the Gutter Cat Gang. Please post your submissions on Twitter with the hashtag #GutterCatGangLogoContest to enter. Whoever we end up working with on the logo rebranding and design efforts will earn a free Gutter Cat (and other perks). We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!
• With another week upon us, we are working HARD to announce the Gutter Merch drop. Merch will be limited and as Gutter as it gets (Supreme-esq?). Keep your eyes on Discord for the drop announcements coming soon.
GUTTER DAN PRESS TOUR: Gutter Dan is going on a press tour — DM him if you’d like to discuss getting him on your show or podcast! And stay tuned for announcements about his next appearances.
Story Core / Comic – Thanks for all the amazing tales so far! Y’all never cease to amaze us. If you’re interested in contributing to the comic book and joining the Story Core, please submit your story to: fromthegutter@gutterlabs.com and send , , and a DM when your submission is complete. Remember, we will stop accepting submissions at 6:00 pm EST on July 6th! This is your chance to tell your Gutter Cat’s story!
Gutter Jams – How bout ? Straight fire so far! Make sure you submit your cat If you want to be one of the top 30 cats battling for the final 12 spots and a feature on our custom mixtape. The voting for Week 2 closes Thursday 7/1 at 7:00pm EST. We only have two more weeks until the final round so get your submissions in! Good luck gang
Framed Pictures – All of our US-based winners have had their Gutter Cat framed pictures delivered! Share your frames when you receive them! International winners will receive tracking information soon so stay tuned. As a small gesture of our infinite appreciation to our awesome Muscle Team, we’re sending them framed pictures as well. Don’t mess with our Muscle!
Nifted Partnership – Nifted just announced the look of their Nifted Desk Series 1E tonight featuring our Gutter Cats front and center (https://twitter.com/nifted_/status/1410037126423584768). We are also partnering with Nifted to giveaway some sweet wall mounted displays to Gutter Cat owners so stay tuned for details on how to enter this week! #getnifted
We’re officially listed on Evaluate Market! The guys over at EM worked around the clock to get the Gang featured, and we appreciate their efforts – check em out https://evaluate.market/ and show them some support. EM is a great resource for all sorts of market statistics – you guys will love it.
Discord Bot Commands: In addition to the floor bot, cat id bot, trait bot, sales bot – we just rolled out the trait floor bot – to utilize this bot, check out the bot commands channel! Thanks for the help on these and
IPFS migration of all images and metadata is in the works and will be happening over the next week.  We have so much more in the works and can’t wait to roll out additional announcements here soon. We’re working around the clock to make the Gutter Cat Gang the best NFT community in the world, and we appreciate each and every one of you for the support. BELIEVE THAT! Keep it Gutter fam.