DAO Seeding, Metaverse Partnerships, Merch 2.0

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We are so excited to welcome some new and old faces back into the Gutter, and we are already working hard to deliver increased value and utility for everyone. As mentioned previously, the Gutter Cats will always be our premier species NFT and receive the most utility. All species can expect to receive some very dope benefits and holding all four species NFTs will be rewarded in special ways as well. 


To kick things off, we are: 

– Seeding the DAO with an initial grant of $500,000.00 to be used on community-led initiatives that provide more value to the Gutter. Once these funds are exhausted, additional rounds of funding will occur. We want our community’s DAO to have an ever-increasing role in the direction we take things in the Gutter. We’re very excited with where the Gutter Cat Gang DAO is headed, and we are looking forward to the utility and decision making authority it will provide Gutter Cat holders going forward.

– We’re officially partnering with House of Kibaa, where there will be a full build out of the Gutter world in the Kibaa metaverse!! AR/VR ready, fully animated 3d avatars will be available for ALL Gutter Species. Additionally, Gutter Cats will be entered into exclusive raffles for free upgrades including weapons, wearables, vehicles, pets, and real estate like trap houses and mansions within the HOK metaverse.


– Gutter City in the Sandbox already looks absolutely amazing, but now we are happy to announce that ALL four species will be receiving voxel avatars as well. Similar to HOK, Gutter Cats will be entered into exclusive raffles for free voxel upgrades including badass weapons, wearables, vehicles, billboard space to advertise on, and more.

– Gutter Merch Drop 2.0 is coming! This drop will be tiered with the most exclusive merch going to those who have all four species, the second merch tier being for those who hold Gutter Cats, and the third merch tier being any of the other Gutter species. We have some truly badass merch coming soon including some of the crowd favorites from our existing GCG variants. 

– There will be utility added to those of you holding mint passes in addition to eligibility. to claim the third or fourth species. Stay tuned! 

– We’re working on a number of very dope collaborations with several prominent NFT artists, streetwear brands, hip hop and electronic music artists, professional athletes, and more. We won’t stop until the Gutter Cat IP is a household name. Believe that gang. 

– Also note, the 2,500 mint passes reserved for Gutter Cat and Rat pairs will be available until Wednesday at 6:00 PM EST. or until they run out, whichever happens sooner.

– We’d also like to take this time to address some of our mistakes today. We fully own up to the fact that we should have spent more time working through the Trezor/Ledger firmware issues with MetaMask and apologize for any inconvenience this caused our gang. Also, we should have taken more preventive measures to prevent a bot from sniping a handful of private sale passes. Hand up, we take accountability, and as you guys have seen, we promise we will make up for it and learn from these mistakes to create a better user experience for the Gang going forward.

We are constantly learning and improving and we can’t wait to get back to work delivering for the Gutter. Mitch, Dan, and Ric promise to ride with you all, day in and day out. We’d also like to thank The Muscle and Gutter Wang for all the hard work. Gang Gang, we love you guys and appreciate all the support. We promise this is just the beginning for GCG.