GANG GANG! We’re excited to share some details about one of our 2022 roadmap activations – the Gang Shop – a peer to peer marketplace for every type of GCG-ecosystem NFT that you can think of.

The Gang Shop will be accessible on the Gutter Cat Gang website and will serve as an alternative marketplace for the GCG community to buy and sell GCG NFTs.

All Gutter Cat Gang NFT collections will be accessible from the Gang Shop, including…

The Gang Shop marketplace will also include… 

  • Voxel NFT assets from our approved Sandbox partners, such as Blaze Games and Specific Engines.
  • 3D NFT assets from House of Kibaa, providing the Gang with some drip while exploring the HOK Gutterverse.
  • Derivative NFTs from artists such as Pop Wonder, Miss Cash, KushLion, PawWall and others.
  • Limited edition and 1 of 1 NFTs from various GCG initiatives, such as Gutter Art, Gutter Kicks, Gutter Records, Gutter Athletes, and more 👀.