It’s crazy to think that the Gutter Cat Gang launched only nine months ago. Back in June 2021, GCG cemented its flag in the turf with a chip on its shoulder as an exclusive, underground web3 social club with a heavy emphasis on street culture and expressed plans to keep building until considered one of the best NFT collections in the space, and then after that, keep building until we’re solidified as an international brand known by the masses. Those watching closely know these plans are in process and well underway.

Since June, we’ve been on quite the ride together – we introduced Gutter Rat, Pigeon and Dog NFTs to the Gang, bringing our total number of unique members to 3,800+, launched a streetwear collab with the iconic Diamond Supply Co., and met up with our community at unforgettable IRL events in Las Vegas for GutterCon and Miami for Miami Art Week, and in our Sandbox metaverse home town, Gutter City, for a Halloween party. We grabbed web3 headlines due to our metaverse plans, took the court for the first game in the Arena on Christmas Day with Malik Monk of the Los Angeles Lakers, drawing in the likes of NBA, NFL, MLB and MLS players, as well as musicians, athletic brands, and even a few beverage companies.

None of this would have been possible without our community, which is the reason that GCG is what it is today – a world-class brand built for, and built by, the dopest community out there. Together, we are builders, creators and innovators looking to pave a better future in all respects. Sure, we like to joke around, but at our core, we’re real with each other, and we always have each other’s back. Gang really is gang. 


To recognize and advance all that our community has created, we are proud to introduce the Gutter Clone and Gutter Juice NFT collections, the newest additions to the GCG ecosystem. These new collections provide a path to reward our existing members while also welcoming newcomers at a lower tier of membership. Our goal is to welcome thousands of new holders into the GCG ecosystem at an entry level so that more people can experience what it’s like to be a part of the Gang Gang. Gutter Clones are members of our community like everyone else, but won’t receive the same full benefits of the higher tiers (Gutter Cats, and to a lesser extent, Gutter Rats, Gutter Pigeons, and Gutter Dogs). For example, Gutter Clones will have access to selective merchandise drops, metaverse experiences, IRL events, P2E games, and other exciting activations, but won’t necessarily have the same access to future NFT airdrops or utility tokens as the other OG species. There may also be opportunities to upgrade your Gutter Clone’s DNA in the future with $GANG.

The Gutter Juice mint page goes into further detail, but to sum up the new collections – “Gutter Juice” NFTs are vials that consist of DNA collected from every Gutter City inhabitant, which may be used in a “Clone Machine” to create “Gutter Clones” in the near future. Gutter Clones are a collection of up to 28,000 android clone NFTs composed of OG Gutter Species DNA that were created to expand the population of Gutter City in order to defend the Gutter from threats near and afar and further cement GCG’s place in the history books as a premier NFT collection and community. 

In order to create Gutter Clones, Gutter Juice NFTs may be used and burned in the Clone Machine alongside a specific Gutter City inhabitant (Gutter Cat, Rat, Pigeon or Dog NFT) to create a Gutter Clone with matching cloned traits, OR, Gutter Juice NFTs may be used and burned in the Clone Machine by themselves, without a Gutter City inhabitant, to create a Gutter Clone with a randomized combination of cloned traits. The Clone Machine is being fine-tuned as we speak and is scheduled to come online in the coming weeks. We will alert all Gutter Juice NFT holders when cloning operations may begin, the order of which may be tiered.


While we want to reward all of our existing holders with free Gutter Juice NFT airdrops, we also want to create an opportunity for new members to enter the GCG community at a price point that they deem fair. To do so, we decided to implement a public dutch auction for 16,000 additional Gutter Juice NFTs that may later be redeemed for Gutter Clones

A public dutch auction is effective for preventing gas wars, allows the community to set a fair initial price for the collection, and encourages long-term holders instead of short-term flippers and bots. We recognize that the starting price of 0.9 ETH is above what we would consider to be market price for a Gutter Juice, but a higher starting price allows us to arrive at an equilibrium price over a several-hour period, rather than within minutes of the start of the auction, thereby giving people more time to mint and enter our community. Our goal is to grow the number of long-term members who are genuinely interested in building the GCG brand with us. 

Additionally, while we did release a few hints to our community ahead of the drop, we ultimately decided to keep the public sale under wraps until less than 24 hours before the dutch auction in order to do our best to ensure an equitable entry for all who are interested in joining the Gutter. 


There are a total 28,000 Gutter Juice NFTs (7,000 DNA-1 Cat, Rat, Pigeon and Dog vials each).

16,000 Gutter Juice NFTs are reserved for the public dutch auction.

12,000 Gutter Juice NFTs will be airdropped to all holders of the OG Gutter Species.

The snapshot of OG Gutter Species holders will be taken at 4:00 PM EST on March 8, 2022, and the 12,000 Gutter Juice NFTs will be airdropped when the Ethereum-network is least congested after the public sale (within the next 12-48 hours). For example, if you own a Gutter Cat as of 4:00 PM EST on March 8, 2022, you will receive a Gutter Juice CAT DNA-1 NFT airdrop within the next 48 hours for free. 

For the public sale dutch auction, we want to ensure a fair and randomized distribution of Gutter Juice NFTs across the four species (25% per species). We opted for the Azuki-pioneered ERC-721a contract as the most gas-efficient way to accomplish verifiable randomness, using the following method:

Step 1: Generate a randomized list of 16,000 numbers 1 through 4 and publish to IPFS (1 for cats, 2 for rats, 3 for pigeons, and 4 for dogs). IPFS link here (

Step 2: Complete public sale of the 16,000 Gutter Juice NFTs.

Step 3: Supply the randomized list to our FairGiveaway Contract ( Our FairGiveaway Contract will request a random number using Chainlink VRF which will act as the starting index of NFT metadata distribution. For example, if number 42 is generated by Chainlink VRF, the element at index 42 will be assigned to NFT ID #1. This will ensure that nobody knows what metadata is assigned to each NFT ID until after the mint is complete.

Step 4: Apply the metadata to all NFTs according to the randomized list and the Chainlink VRF selected starting index, and reveal the metadata for all NFTs.

Provable Randomness of Metadata:Randomized list of IDs added to IPFS ( and then added to our FairGiveaway Contract ( VRF Request Randomness ( and Randomness Request Fulfilled ( expansion, random number selected via VRF was 13,537 ( for the randomized list of IDs, index 13,537 is ID #1 and index 13,536 is ID #16000. All other IDs are assigned sequentially.



Gutter Juice and Clones are just the beginning to everything that we’ve got planned as a community for the rest of the year – including P2E and IRL games, $GANG utility token, the GCG marketplace, advancement of the GCG IP, partnerships with major athletes, artists, leagues and brands, awesome quarterly IRL events, some of the most extensive metaverse build-outs and parties in the NFT space, exclusive merchandise collaborations, fashion licensing deals, Gutter Art drops (migrating away from Polygon airdrops), and so much more. 

Sit tight, Gang. It’s going to be a very Gutter year. 


-The GCG Team