GCG Donates $20,000 in the First Community-Led Charitable Initiative

What is Gutter Gives?

Gutter Gives is the Gutter Cat Gang’s charitable arm that’s focused on empowering underrepresented and underserved communities. At its core, Gutter Gives allows any member of our community to create a proposal for a charitable initiative. Once created, community members can vote on these proposals, and once passed, the GCG team will execute upon them. 

Who are we donating to and why?

For Gutter Gives’ first executed proposal, the community chose to donate a total of $20,000 split evenly between two charitable organizations, the Usona Institute and Porta Sophia. Both organizations focus on developing and supporting the use of psychedelic treatments in medicine. 

GCG granted $5,000 to each organization to cover the costs of setup and subscription to The Giving Block, a platform that enables charities to accept donations in cryptocurrency. Furthermore, GCG granted an additional $5,000 to each organization to use at their discretion. 

We couldn’t be more proud to support two fantastic organizations and onboard them into the world of cryptocurrency. We hope that these donations open the door to other opportunities in the cryptocurrency space, as well as further both organizations’ missions of developing and improving access to medical psychedelic treatments.

Charity is a big part of GCG – Gutter Gives creates a space where anyone from the Gang can bring worthy causes to the community’s attention and create change in meaningful ways. We love seeing the community wholeheartedly embrace this initiative.