GCG Halloween Costume Pack + Tutorial

With Halloween right around the corner, we worked with GCG community member and artist Gutterboi to bring you an exclusive GCG Halloween Costume Pack! The pack consists of classic spooky costumes for your Gutter Cat, Rat, Pigeon, and Dog! Gutter or Treat?

Below includes a tutorial and download links to get started.

-The pack consists of 1 costume for each Gutter Species with 5 different layers that you can apply to your Gutter Species.

-Dress your Gutter Cat as a Zombie that roams around Gutter City tirelessly for brains.. or alpha?

-Deep within the confines of Gutter City roams.. Ratula! Dress up your Gutter Rat with the Vampire layers to spook your friends or foes.

-Bird Gang members rise from tomb! Dress your Gutter Pigeon as a Mummy, wings may be restricted for flight.

-A young scientist from the Gutter began an experiment and created a monster! Dress your Gutter Dog as Frankendog. Gutter.

How to apply the Costume Pack Skins on PC/Mac (if you do not have a photo editor):

1) Download the Gutterween Costume Pack here or head to our Discord and download them in the #gutterween-costume channel here.

2) Go to Photopea.com – PhotoPea is an online photo editor that will allow you to layer on the Halloween costumes.

3) Select which species you want to dress up, then drag and drop the image onto PhotoPea – for this example we will be turning BT’s Alien cat into a zombie!


4) Select which layer(s) you would like to add on. Click and drag the image onto the PhotoPea screen/interface. If you want the full costume, drag and drop the image “Cat_All.png”.

5) To save the image, click on File -> Export as -> .png -> Save.

6) You are ready for Gutterween! Post your dressed up Gutter species on Twitter and use the hashtag #GUTTERWEEN!!