Gutter Art: GCG x Cullen Colors

Gutter Art: GCG x Cullen Colors


The latest Gutter Art Edition features digital artist, Cullen Colors, and is called “Gutter Love,” featuring a banner NFT that is free to claim by all GCG holders (including Gutter Clone and Juice holders). The Gutter Art banner NFT features OG Gutter Cats and Clones ridin’ out, demonstrating that it’s really all love in the Gutter. Claim your Gutter Art here.

About the Artist 

Cullen Colors is a 24 year old digital artist based in North Carolina who wears his heart on the blockchain vicariously through the character Skully Boy. His work consists of psychedelic pen and ink drawings brought to life with digital animation. Inspired by heartbreak and life’s tougher lessons, Cullen Colors expresses himself through NFTs and lets the artwork do the talking.

It’s not always easy to see yourself for who you really are, but you should take a moment to look in the mirror. ” – Cullen Colors

Claim Details

The Gutter Art banner NFT is free to claim for all GCG holders, including Gutter Cats, Rats, Pigeons, Dogs, Juices, and Clones.

Earlier today, a snapshot was taken of all GCG holders. All wallets that held the qualifying NFTs when the snapshot was taken are eligible to mint the “Gutter Love” banner NFT for free on the Gutter Art Editions website. 

The “Gutter Love” free claim minting window will be open for 24 hours, closing on Wednesday, June 1 at 4:00 PM ET. 

For more information on the new Gutter Art free-to-claim process, please refer to our Gutter Art blog.

How to Claim the “Gutter Love” Gutter Art Edition NFT:   

  • Visit the Gutter Art minting site.
  • Connect the wallet that holds the qualifying GCG NFT
  • Click “Mint Now” 
  • Each qualified holder is allowed one Gutter Art edition mint per wallet

The Auction

In addition to the free-to-claim Gutter Art Edition banner ”Gutter Love,” Cullen Colors will also auction a 1 of 1 NFT available via a 24 hour auction called “Introspection. The winner of the auction will receive the special 1/1 NFT that collectors can get lost in, featuring the gang.

Cullen Colors 1/1 Auction Details: 

  • Start: June 1 @ 4 PM ET
  • End: June 2 @ 4 PM ET
  • The auction will be hosted here.