RSVP for the pop-up event & meetup and preview the Gutter Cat Gang x Jugrnaut merchandise HERE.

The Gutter Cat Gang is thrilled to announce its latest merchandise collaboration with Jugrnaut, a premier home-grown streetwear brand in Chicago known for bringing their community the best in fashion, music, art and culture. 

Since 2007, Jugrnaut has created a subculture in Chicago’s streetwear scene that has attracted the city’s top artists and athletes, including Chance the Rapper and Derrick Rose, along with out of town hip hop legends such as Mac Miller. Community-centric and rich in diversity, Jugrnaut has been a driving force behind Chicago’s creative community since its founding.

“We’ve wanted to work with the Gutter Cat Gang since the beginning. GCG NFTs are some of the most coveted, and they’ve built a brand that recognizes and honors subcultures that are important to their community. Plus our mascot is in the cat family, so we’re practically related!” – Manny Rodríguez, co-founder of Jugrnaut Chicago. 

The collaboration features eight uniquely designed pieces and derivative art that embody the best of both the Gutter Cat Gang and Jugrnaut brands, including a one-of-a-kind Gutter Cat plushie. 

To celebrate the collaboration, Gutter Cat Gang and Jugrnaut will host an in-person pop-up event in Chicago on April 30th where GCG holders will have access to event-exclusive merchandise, with drinks and music, including a live set featuring DJ Cut Cuz.

After the pop-up event, Gutter Cat Gang will host a meetup that’s open to all GCG holders at Emporium Arcade Bar. There will be an open bar with light bites from 5 – 8 PM local time. Wristbands are required for entry and will be handed out at the pop-up event or upon arrival at Emporium. Remember to RSVP before 2 PM on April 30th for entry!

The next day, on May 1st, an exclusive and limited GCG x Jugrnaut merchandise collection will be available to purchase online by Gutter Cat, Rat, Dog and Pigeon NFT holders.

GCG x Jugrnaut Pop-up Event

Date: April 30, 2022
Time: 2 – 5 PM local time
Location: Jugrnaut Store (427 South Dearborn Street, Chicago)
Access: The pop-up is only open to GCG holders from 2 – 5 PM (i.e., holders of a Gutter Cat, Rat, Pigeon, Dog, Clone or Juice NFT). The pop-up event will then open to the public from 5 – 8 PM. Merchandise is available first come, first serve.

GCG Chicago Meetup

Date: April 30, 2022
Time: 5 – 8 PM local time
Location: Emporium Fulton Market (839 W Fulton Market, Chicago)
Access: All GCG holders (i.e., holders of Gutter Cats, Rats, Pigeons, Dogs, Clones and Juice NFTs)

RSVP and Verification Process:

Attendees must RSVP and verify NFT ownership in order to access the pop-up event and meetup. Due to building capacity regulations, unverified guests will be denied entry and an RSVP does not guarantee access to the event, so attendees should plan to arrive early.

  • RSVP: Access to the pop-up event and meetup is available to GCG holders from 2- 5 PM. If you are a holder of a GCG NFT and plan on attending the pop-up or meetup, please RSVP HERE.
  • Get verified: In order to enter the pop-up and meetup, you must verify your GCG NFT before the pop-up event begins (i.e., prior to 2 PM CST on April 30th). Please follow the Tokenproof instructions below to verify ownership. 

Tokenproof Verification Instructions:

We are using Tokenproof for NFT ownership verification at this IRL event. Tokenproof works by signing a one-time message to prove ownership of a wallet, and then using a connected mobile app at the door to show eligibility for events. For more information about how Tokenproof works, click HERE

Please follow the steps below to verify ownership in order to attend the Gutter Cat Gang x Jugrnaut popup event and meetup in Chicago on April 30th:

  1. Visit https://tokenproof.xyz/enrollment, connect wallet with GCG NFT, and sign a message to verify ownership. After signing, a registration QR code will appear.
  1. Download the Tokenproof mobile app (iOS/Android).
  1. Scan the registration QR code with the Tokenproof mobile app to pair the mobile app to your wallet with the GCG NFT.
  1. You have now successfully completed the Tokenproof enrollment process and will be able to access the GCG x Jugrnaut pop-up and meetup.

See you in Chicago! Gang gang!