Gutter Art: GCG x EpicThunderCat

GCG’s latest installment of Gutter Art features Portland-based artist Epic Thunder Cat. ETC’s art explores a broad range of emotional states, and for this collab, she wanted to explore the psyche of the entire gang gang though her Gutter Art pieces.

About the Artist
Epic Thundercat is a multidisciplinary creative problem solver who creates both NFTs as well as traditional artwork. Her creative journey began as a young child located in the Pacific Northwest. Her artistic nature was born as a way to cope with parental abandonment in order to increase her resiliency in life. ETC began her artistic journey developing creative scenarios, of which she then worked on using artwork as a language to express emotions and the human experience.

She enjoys channeling her emotions into creative forms and using art in order to explore the human psyche as a whole using symbolism, colors to evoke feelings in the observer as well as finding ways to put the audience into her work. ETC also has a Masters Degree in Mental Health as well as Organizational Leadership and in her free-time enjoys photography, writing, video games, hiking, traveling and being both a mom of two as well as a cat-mom. She has exhibited her work at galleries, conventions, as well as art venues and various coffee shops.

Airdrop Details
On February 9th, holders of the following Gutter species will receive airdrops from the GCG x EpicThunderCat collab:
– Gutter Cats
– Gutter Rats
– Gutter Dogs
– Gutter Pigeons
– Full-set – bonus banner

The Auction
Epic Thunder Cat will auction off a bundled set of 1/1’s in the artist’s collection – Monsters of Mind. The winner of the auction will not only receive the 6 emotional state NFTs, but will also receive a special airdrop called “Co-morbidity,” an animated collectible containing each of the emotions depicted in the set together as its own piece.

Auction Details
Start: 2/10, 8 PM EST
End: 2/11, 8 PM EST

The auction will be hosted here.