Gutter Art: GCG x KushLion


Gutter Art: GCG x KushLion
The latest Gutter Art collaboration features anonymous NFT artist, KushLion. This collaboration “Gutter Drip” includes five different free-claim NFTs – one edition for each of Gutter Cat, Rat, Pigeon, and Dog holders, along with a banner NFT that all GCG holders (including Gutter Clone and Juice holders) can claim. With 20+ years in the digital art game, KushLion’s artwork is a byproduct of experimenting with biohacking and psychedelics. Claim your Gutter Art here.

“The intention for each ‘Drip’ animation is to simulate a psychedelic state and to celebrate the colorful “GANG” spirit that runs so deep in the GCG community.” – KushLion

About the Artist 

KushLion is a project sparked by curiosity in the mysterious void of the NFT and web3 space. Fueled by the GCG spirit, psychedelics, and the desire to build camaraderie, over 400 derivative editions of each Gutter Cat, Rat, Pigeon, and Dog have been created and given to the GCG community. In other words, curiosity can’t kill this cat.

Claim Details

Each Gutter Cat, Rat, Pigeon, and Dog holder can claim the Gutter Art NFT that’s associated with their Gutter Species for free (for example, if you have a Gutter Cat NFT, then you can mint the Gutter Art NFT that features the Gutter Cat). The Gutter Art banner NFT is free to claim for all GCG holders, including Gutter Cat, Rat, Pigeon, Dog, Juices, and Clones.

Earlier today, a snapshot was taken of all GCG holders. All wallets that held the qualifying NFTs when the snapshot was taken are eligible to mint the “Gutter Drip” edition associated with their Gutter Species NFT, as well as the banner NFT, for free on the Gutter Art Site. 

“Gutter Drip” minting will only be available for 24 hours – the free-claim period will close on Friday, May 6th at 4:00 PM EST. 

For more information on the new Gutter Art free-to-claim process, please refer to our Gutter Art blog.

How to Claim “Gutter Drip” Gutter Art Edition NFT:   

  • Visit the Gutter Art minting site.
  • Connect the wallet that holds the qualifying GCG NFT
  • Click “Mint Now” 
  • Each qualified holder is allowed one Gutter Art edition mint per wallet

The Auction

Along with the free-to-claim piece for each Gutter Species, Kush will also offer a 1 of 1 piece, “Lucky Gutter Cat”, for auction. The winner of the auction will receive a special piece that features a truly unique, trippy adaptation of a Gutter Cat.

Start: 5/5, 4 PM EST

End: 5/6, 4 PM EST

The auction will be hosted here.

Enjoy the trip Gang!