Gutter Art x Miami Art Week Edition – ALIENQUEEN – Mark Watts – GRING

The Gutter City Miami Art Week Experience at The Outpost is finally upon us – and The Gutter Cat Gang is primed to leave its mark on the 305. We are kicking off the festivities by announcing our biggest Gutter Art drop to date! This extremely talented group of artist includes one of the Gangs most heavily requested artists – Alien Queen, Emmy award winning artist – Mark Watts, and the mysterious artist – GRING. This class has blessed our collection with some truly mind blowing pieces – and we couldn’t be more excited to share them with the Gang!

About The Artists

Alien Queen is a Cambodian refugee and her work is inspired by experimenting with psychedelic drugs, her dreams and the experiences of her family who are survivors of a genocide. She currently lives and works in the United States as a digital illustrator and Art Director.

Alien Queen’s airdrop include:

“42069” – Was airdropped to Gutter Cat holders. This piece was Alien Queen’s first Gutter Cat Gang art piece that she graciously provided to the Gutter Art collection.

“Gutter Milk Bar” was airdropped to Full Set holders.


Mark Watts was awarded two Emmy’s for his historic contributions as a Character Layout and Storyboard Artist for the iconic television show ‘The Simpsons’. Mark also worked on hit animation series ‘King of the Hill’ and ‘Rick and Morty’

Mark Watts airdrop include:

“Hairball, Jon Paw” was airdropped to Gutter Cat holders.

“Rat trick” was airdropped to Gutter Rat holders.

“Spit Ball” was airdropped to Gutter Pigeon holders.

“Blitz Barker” was airdropped to Gutter Dog holders.


GRING is our most mysterious Gutter Art artist. From producing beats on SoundCloud under [REDACTED] to creating abstract art, GRING does it all.. from the shadows of the internet. His blend of Chicano lifestyle and abstract painting melts faces – which is depicted in his Gutter Art drop featuring all species from the Gutter Cat Gang. Rumor has it that GRING isn’t a real person, but a figment of our imagination.

GRING’s airdrop include:

“VATO GATO” was airdropped to Gutter Cat holders.

“R.I.P. RATA” was airdropped to Gutter Rat holders.

“OIL SPILL PIGEON” was airdropped to Gutter Pigeon holders.

“BIG PIT XIV” was airdropped to Gutter Dog holders.

Auction Details

Alien Queen and Mark Watts will each have a 1 of 1 piece up for auction during our Miami Art Week Event at The Outpost. These auctions will go live on Thursday, December 2 at 8 PM EST and will end Saturday, December 4 at 8 PM EST.

Alien Queen’s auction:

High, Miami” was created to commemorate Gutter Cat Gangs first Miami Art Week event. Bid here

Mark Watts auction:

The Kru” This is the first 1/1 collaboration between Mark Watts and Gutter Cat Gang featuring all four species of the Gutter Cat Gang in one piece. Bid here