Gutter Art: Miss Cash

The latest Gutter Art collaboration features GCG community member and artist, Miss Cash. This collaboration edition, “Gutter Parade” features a parade of Gutter Species and Clones in Miss Cash’s distinct and popular art-style.  The accompanying piece to this drop, “Gutter Wonderland” features a playful Gutter theme park brought to life in Miss Cash’s art-style. The soft colors, simplicity, and childlike innocence of the art-style is highly reminiscent of 90s Sanrio styled artwork, but Gutter. Truly a vibe. Claim Gutter Art here.

About the artist:

Miss Cash is a multimedia artist from Thailand who enjoys colored pencil, oil pastel, watercolor, and digital illustration. Inspired by her father who is an artist and art teacher in Thailand, Miss Cash has been creating art her whole life, but joined the Web 3.0 revolution last April . You can always find her on Twitter greeting new GCG members and providing incredibly dope GCG-inspired art and derivatives.

Claim Details:

Earlier today, a snapshot was taken of all GCG members (i.e, holders of Gutter Cats, Rats, Pigeons, Dogs, Gutter Juice, and Clones). All wallets that held the qualifying NFTs when the snapshot was taken are eligible to mint Miss Cash’s “Gutter Parade” and “Gutter Wonderland” editions for free on the Gutter Art site.

“Gutter Parade” and “Gutter Wonderland” minting will only be available for 24 hours – the free-claim period will close on April 23st at 4:00 PM EST

-Gutter Parade is available to all GCG holders (Gutter Cats, Rats, Pigeons, Dogs, Juice, and Clones)
-Gutter Wonderland is available for full-set owners (Gutter Cat + Rat + Pigeon + Dog)

For more information on the new Gutter Art free-to-claim process, please refer to our Gutter Art blog.

Gutter Parade

How to Claim “Gutter Parade Gutter Art Edition NFT

  • Visit the Gutter Art minting site
  • Connect wallet that holds the qualifying GCG NFT
  • Click “Mint Now”
  • Each qualified holder is allowed one Gutter Art edition mint per wallet

Gang gang! Enjoy the latest edition of Gutter Art.


Gutter Wonderland