Gutter Cat Gang Comic Book

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Per our 100% sell-out roadmap initiative, it’s officially time to tell the Gutter Cat Gang story for our first comic book. There are so many creative minds in the Gutter, so we thought it was best for our community to help create what will be one of the most legendary NFT comic books in history!

If you’re interested in contributing to the comic book and joining the Gutter Cat Gang Story Core, please follow the instructions below to submit your application:
1) Gutter Cat Owners will have two weeks to submit story ideas to the following email address: We will stop accepting submissions on July 6 at 6:00 PM eastern.
2) Story ideas must be submitted in the following format in the body of the email: 2a) * Log Line: One to two sentence summary of the story concept. Keep this brief. Describe your story idea in the most concise way possible.
2b) Characters: Briefly describe the main characters of the story. The characters must incorporate the Gutter Cats, but please feel free to include characters that you create yourself. Be creative!
2c) Synopsis: Up to 300 word description of the who, what, when, where and why of the story.
3) You may submit as many story ideas as you want! The Devs will conduct blind readings and choose a handful of applicants to proceed to the Gutter Cat Gang “Story Core.” :89b79a5864ae449fa0349226d6466d7d: The Story Core is essentially the writer’s room for developing the Gutter Cat Gang story for the comic book (and potentially future productions).

The stories developed in the Story Core will be presented to Gutter Cat owners to vote on, and the story with the most votes will be developed into a comic by a professional author. Each Gutter Cat comes with one vote, meaning Gutter Cat owners with multiple cats will receive multiple votes. Additionally, randomly selected Gutter Cat owners will receive physical copies of the comic book, and all Gutter Cat owners will be entitled to claim tokenized versions! Each Gutter Cat owner will have the opportunity to mint their own edition of the comic book for free (not including gas) – this is just the first of many periodic bonuses we’ll provide to Gutter Cat Owners for being the dopest NFT community out there. We appreciate yall!

– Here is an estimated breakdown of the comic book production timeline:
June 21 Submissions Open
July 6 Submission Close
July 14 Stories selected; applicants announced
July 14-23 Story Core
July 24 Story Voting Opens
July 26 Winning story revealed; production begins

We’re very amped for this project and look forward to reading everyone’s story ideas. We truly believe this comic is only the beginning for the Gutter Cat Gang story, and we’re excited that the community will determine the direction that it kicks off.  If you have any questions about the Story Core or comic, please direct them to ,  and .