Gutter Cat Gang Halloween Party in The Sandbox!

The Sandbox recently announced that they are heading into Alpha. The Sandbox Alpha release will be the first chance for the community to experience a multiplayer lobby together, and the Gutter Cat Gang made the decision to jump all over this opportunity!

We are proud to announce that our partner, Blaze Games, have been head down building out an exclusive Sandbox Game experience for the Gang!

What You Can Expect

Spooky Season approaches. To celebrate, the team has decked out The Kibble Club for the first ever club experience in The Sandbox! This multi-level club is equipped with multiple dance floors, VIP lounges, an indoor pool and a live DJ.

Located outside of the club is a car park with a first hand look at some custom low-riders as well as Carl’s Contraband Warehouse. Carl has been busy stocking the shelves with copious amounts of questionable goods. The warehouse also acts as a starting point of an engaging platform puzzle where the first several who complete it will be rewarded with rare Sandbox assets!

This alpha build was built on a single plot of land and will act as a social hub while we await the highly anticipated release of Gutter City when The Sandbox Game goes live in the near future.

Event Details

  • The party kicks off this Caturday at 7pm PST.
  • Live DJ from 7pm – 9pm PST
  • DJ will be spinning live in The Gutter Cat Gang Discord.
  • Details on how to enter The Sandbox’s Alpha and join this event TBA soon!

Come be amongst the first to experience a community run multiplayer lobby in The Sandbox! Win some rare prizes and kick it with the Gang in our first official metaverse experience together! Gang gang!