Gutter Cat Gang Partners with Blaze Games to Bring Gutter City to Life in The Sandbox

Gang Activities

Gutter City, in The SandBox game, will be bustling with a wide array of activities to keep the Gang busy. Grab your crew and hit the courts for a game of GutterBall, show off your custom Cat’lac at the Gutter Car Park, have a drink or two at the local Smitten Kitten Dive Bar, get your bets in with a bookie on some Underground Frog Fights, make it rain at Purrfection Adults Club, head underground for a live show at GutterPunch Rave and so much more!

Some ideas for Gutter City include:
⁃ Vibe with your crew at the Kibble Klub
⁃ Show off your new pimped-out ride at the Gutter Car Park
⁃ Throw down in PVP fights in the Claws-Out Fight Club
⁃ Make sure you know the secret passphrase to get exclusive access to the underground GutterPunch Raves
⁃ Blow off some steam by Sewer Fishing with friends in the decaying canals of the Gutter City sewers
⁃ Grab some grub at Hanks Hotfrog Stand after shooting hoops
⁃ Get your cat nip fix at Carl’s Contraband Van

There will be NPCs roaming the streets, cars and other vehicles, real estate, weapons, wearables, graffiti, and more. There will be gambling and in-game events and parties. There will be exclusive access VIP areas for the Gutter Gang. The Gutter City will be THE goto place in the Sandbox! We told yall the Gutter is just getting started!

Gutter Swag Drop

The Gutter Cat Gang had to ensure that their members are well taken care of. Every token holder will soon have an opportunity to claim a random package of in game assets fo’ free + gas! Our cosmetics will keep you lookin’ fly, while the arsenal of weapons will have you ready for any stray foolish enough to challenge your crew. Every Cat, Rat, Pigeon and Dog will be able to claim a package that includes at least 1 common cosmetic, 1 common weapon and 1 rare or better item. Cats will have the added benefit of having a chance at legendary items. Oh, did we forget to mention, every base voxel will also be free?!

About Blaze Games

Blaze Games is an award winning NFT utilization studio that plans, designs, constructs and promotes Sandbox assets and experiences. Their team have been Gutter Cat Gang holders since launch who quickly grabbed the communities attention with their Gutter Cat voxels. When it came time to lay the foundation for Gutter City, Blaze Games became a natural fit. We are thrilled to partner with Blaze Games and can’t wait to explore Gutter City with the Gang!