Gutter Cat Gang Analytics, Powered by Mnemonic

We’re excited to announce that Gutter Cat Gang NFT collection data will be provided on the GCG website by San Francisco based data analytics firm, Mnemonic. Analytics tabs for the Gutter Cats, Rats, Pigeons and Dogs collections can be found within the GCG website menu bar.

About Mnemonic

Mnemonic is an NFT intelligence platform that simplifies the increasingly-complex task of reading, searching, aggregating and analyzing NFT data, by pulling data directly from the blockchain rather than relying on third-party sources for API feeds. Mnemoic’s mission “is to help unlock the infinite potential of this new technology by providing innovators in the NFT space with complete, just-in-time NFT intelligence.” Mnemonic’s launch story recently went live in the Forbes article linked here.

What Does This Mean For The Gang

All species of the Gutter Cat Gang will now have cutting edge market data compiled by Mnemonic on the GCG website.

Gutter Cat – RatPigeon and Dog collections are all tracked separately and include their own individual dashboards that keep tabs on stats such as volume, average sale price, unique owners, largest sales, recent transactions, top owners, transaction history, and more from each collection. Data can be adjusted to show analytics within the past 24 hours, week, month, year or all-time. The Gutter Cat Gang is excited to work with Mnemoic to continue to optimize GCG data dashboards for the Gang.