Gutter Cat Gang x Pop Wonder Raffle!


Last month we airdropped a GCG x Pop Wonder NFT exclusively to all Gutter Cat Gang holders. The art piece is a DOPE banner that can be used as a Twitter header! Gutter Cat, Rat, and Gutter Species Mint Pass holders all received the GCG x Pop Wonder airdrop.

Pop Wonder is a Gutter Cat Gang OG and one of the best emerging NFT artists in the space today. In addition to the sweet NFT airdrop, Pop Wonder also auctioned off a very special 1/1 from his latest collection “Pop Wonder: On Display”. After a close bidding-war, our very own Gutter Ric won the auction! “Rosie & the Gutters” depicts a live concert with a gang of Gutter Cats and Rats rockin’ out to some Gutter Jams in front of Pop’s signature characters. Check it out below!

Rosie & The Gutters


GCG x Pop Wonder Raffle

The GCG x Pop Wonder collab isn’t over yet!

We love experimenting with new and exciting mechanics in the NFT space (like our tokenized merch 1.0 drop), and we are now introducing a twist to the GCG x Pop Wonder airdrop! Pop is signing 10 physical copies of his art piece that was airdropped to all Gutter holders (pictured below), which will be raffled to 10 lucky winners.

To enter, you must burn your airdropped GCG x Pop Wonder NFT on our website during a TBA 48 hour window.

You may purchase additional GCG x Pop Wonder NFTs (located here) to burn in order to increase your chances of winning. Each burned “GCG x Pop Wonder” NFT will equal one raffle entry. More information will be provided soon. Stay tuned!

Purchase GCG x Pop Wonder NFT

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