Gutter Cat Gang x RSOP Poker Tournament!

Gang Gang – Happy almost Friday! 

The Gutter Cat Gang vs RSOP Poker Tournament is TONIGHT at 9:00 PM EST!! 

Registration for the tournament (details below) will open 3 hours prior, at 6:00 PM EST, before the tournament begins at 9:00, so there should be no rush or crunch to get access. 

There will be an UNLIMITED number of seats at the table for this special collab tournament. The only requirement for entry being that you are a member of the GCG community. 

There will also be a 2 ETH prize pool with the following payout structure: 

  1. .6 ETH 
  2. .36 ETH 
  3. .28 ETH 
  4. .22 ETH 
  5. .16 ETH
  6. .12 ETH 
  7. .1 ETH 
  8. .08 ETH 
  9. .08 ETH 

How to join the tournament: 

  1. Download ClubGG Poker.
  2. Create an account. 
  3. Search for club id: 746141 
  4. Type your Discord name and #GCG under ‘verification information’ and click join. You MUST include this to be accepted into the club. 
  5. Remember to register between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM EST. 

Good luck and have fun!! Let’s chop it up in the #♠│poker channel tonight!