Gutter Cats and the Legend of the Hidden Skullies Results

Many of you took heed to Brigg Buttons and his crew’s distress call – 23 of which had the quick wit about them to solve the riddle and release Skully #165 from the cursed treasure chest! 

The key to the riddle lay in the dice rolls – and the subsequent effect it had on each casters skull.

The answer was to speak these three words in this order: Engrave, Flower, Halo

Congratulations to the winner – and thank you all for participating!


List of Wallets who solved the riddle: 

  1. 0xFAF64fA8BAc82409B7f19A860fFD0b6539b08B63 
  2. 0xfDBA2481e09Fa61b7d8297A56E0c1F413774bF37 
  3. 0xaeDC98366B01240E9ebEb1B28DE8805b6A21d9CB 
  4. 0xB836475e821C2695468E847D2a5B297bD8bfD2b8 
  5. 0xd532962FD7976880FDff92DB9Cbe48a7369b1fc0 
  6. 0xf56715f873bdea3d47633dc5d92dbf3d880132db 
  7. 0xEa630baB98EB1b72B431720154d88774E5631b1A 
  8. 0xc6df00238C243Ce90e51C928c29F9E28c69d5e5A 
  9. 0xb6e8F6433d99E3f96fea9ff295db3c4A0767a033 
  10. 0x63ac40Bea352dF57F460C391AF0A512105C142EF 
  11. 0x936a770bdCb5B03A645229A16C4D9a853b785fF0 
  12. 0xcfB464Ed219145518247C22797f066f57859375D 
  13. 0xc999cb2544aecf07e6883840d89db4ad398e8cfa 
  14. 0x083FF97d30839a46A7467DDE4e05289e94b16c1C 
  15. 0x9C871e25b88d94BFE97b22223e7aF01f4a85c15e 
  16. 0x2cfc982b641e44bf0b2b3d28b8092a4660152acb 
  17. 0xF147f0B874Aab6CE662D14f3668Af61c4D593b42 
  18. 0x5FE785B2f589c79c89DBbaFa217BD7dEdd8c918b 
  19. 0xAd197b147717Fe1501f8107CD49FD618a5696b21 
  20. 0x702f2d8d6d351F08FeF5D08d53079fC30b027914 
  21. 0xF60602B9f454EBa8e54a694EBC416585316f93cA 
  22. 0x75e06a34c1Ef068fC43ad56A1a5193f3778bF0B2 
  23. 0xF13CCD4013DA3dc7b2dfbB2397dc9F5db8C1A44D 

Index, Winning Wallet: 

  1. 0xc999cb2544aecf07e6883840d89db4ad398e8cfa


Step 1: List of Wallets Added to Contract and IPFS: participants data – ipfs 


Step 2: Random Number Requested/Generated by Chainlink VRF: 

Step 3: Random Number Expanded to Choose 1 Winner: