Gutter Cats and the Legend of the Hidden Skullies

Come along for a ride on a fantastic voyage! At least that is what some members of the Gutter Cat Biker Gang thought when they stumbled upon an old tattered map. The latest installment of Gutter Art by artist ProbCause portrays this band of Cats quest in search of hidden treasure – but we all agree that everything that glimmers isn’t always gold!

The Journey to Skully Island – an interactive scavenger hunt for the Gutter Cats

As reported in the latest installment of GutterVille News – a local biker by the name of Brigg Buttons was last seen rounding his crew around what seemed to be an old map. An eyewitness near the docks claims a large wooden ship set sail shortly after – Buttons and his crew haven’t been seen since.

We are excited to go on this scavenger hunt adventure with ProbCause – who envisioned this Pirate themed collab between Gutter Cat Gang and his project SKULLIES GMI!

The Airdrop

Gutter Cats and the Legend of the Hidden Skullies was¬†airdropped to Gutter Cat holders. This piece depicts Brigg Buttons and his crew’s discovery of Skully Island – and the cursed treasure that awaited them. Will they make it off the island with any of it? Time will tell.

ProbCause also made some sick custom layers that can be added to any Gutter Cat who wants to join the crew. These layers were not airdropped, but will be available to anyone who would like to use them. Hop in the Gutter Cat Gang Discord for more details.

The 1 of 1 SKULLY Details

ProbCause also made some sick 1 of 1 SKULLIES which will be housed in his collection.

SKULLY #166 and #167 will be available on auction.

SKULLY #165 has been cursed by the crew of Gutter Cats who arrived at Skully Island. The curse can only be released by someone who solves the Scavenger Hunt!

Auction Details

SKULLY #166 and #167

  • Auction opens at 5 p.m. PST Thursday, November 18 (Today)
  • Auction closes at 5 p.m. PST Friday, November 19
  • .369 opening bid on each item

Scavenger Hunt Details

SKULLY #165 will be rewarded to someone who follows the clues found in this airdrop’s art and lore and submits the correct three word answer HERE.

To qualify for the Treasure Hunt you must be a holder of any Gutter Cat Gang or SKULLIES GMI token.

All qualifying wallets who submit the correct answer by 8 p.m. EST. on Friday, November 19 will be collected and added to a Chainlink VRF to determine the winner. GOOD LUCK!


A collection of unique handmade Skulls created by ProbCause. SKULLIES are created by rolling dice twice against a property chart to determine it’s traits. All traits will live on chain via the SKULLIES custom smart contract. SKULLIES GMI!