Gutter City Comes to Life in The Sandbox Metaverse

Gutter City is coming to The Sandbox Game metaverse! The Gutter Cat Gang is excited to partner with Blaze Games, one of the best voxel design studios in the business, to expand Gutter City within The Sandbox Game ecosystem.

One of the Gutter Labs’ team’s top priorities since Gutter Cat Gang’s inception in June 2021 was to trail blaze metaverse activation and experiences within the NFT space. Gutter Labs made its metaverse activation plans apparent when it purchased a 3×3 plot of land in The Sandbox soon after the Gutter Cat Gang NFT collection launched.

After hearing about Gutter City’s ambitious plans, Sébastien Borget and Arthur Madrid, Co-Founders of The Sandbox recently spoke out and praised GCG’s metaverse developments saying, “The Gutter Cat Gang is one of the most creative and inventive NFT projects. They’ve been early movers in shaping the cultural impact of what an NFT community can represent. They’ve achieved so much in a short time and we’re eager to see their vision flourish in The Sandbox.” 

What is the Sandbox? The Sandbox is a decentralized, community-driven gaming ecosystem where creators can share voxel assets and gaming experiences on the Ethereum blockchain. Using The Sandbox’s free software, players, artists and game designers can create assets and experiences, such as games, buildings and art galleries, for themselves or to share with others. The Sandbox is on the forefront of metaverse innovation and has partnered with leading brands such as Adidas, Atari, The Walking Dead and more.

Who is Blaze Games? The Gutter Cat Gang was fortunate enough to partner with Blaze Games, whose Co-Founder Voxel.Blaze is an OG member and “King-pin” (owner of 5 or more Gutter Cats) of the Gutter Cat Gang community. Blaze Games is based out of Australia and has quickly positioned itself as one of the best voxel design studios in the business. The pivotal moment for Blaze Games came in June 2021 when Sandbox announced the Glitch In The Metaverse Game Jam. Upon hearing of the first place prize of 150,000 $SAND, Voxel.Blaze began recruiting a talented team of builders and friends in AtomicVox, yungnto and Sandvox. The team quickly got to work on their first Sandbox experience, RESPWN, which went on to claim first place in the Sandbox Game Jam.

Voxel.Blaze quickly grabbed GCG’s attention after his teams success in the Game Jam and from his sharing of voxelized versions of his famed Calico Gutter Cat in the GCG Discord, and after a few discussions between the teams, the rest was history – construction of Gutter City was underway. Blaze Games has gone on to claim multiple Game Jam wins as well as high-profile NFT community partnerships, further solidifying their position as a highly respected and recognized name within The Sandbox and NFT communities.

What is Gutter City? The Gutter Cat Gang originally planned on building Gutter City as a 2×2 estate in The Sandbox; however, Gutter Labs recently slid a new set of blueprints across Blaze Games’ desk that detailed an expansion to encompass the entire 3×3 plot of GCG owned land in The Sandbox metaverse. The teams aligned on construction plans, and the expanded build-out is currently well underway!

Gutter City will be bustling with a wide array of activities to keep the Gang busy. Grab your crew and hit the courts for a game of GutterBall, show off your custom Cat’lac at the Gutter Car Park, have a drink or two at the local Smitten Kitten Dive Bar, get your bets in on some Underground Frog Fights, make it rain at Purrfection Adults Club, head underground for a live show at GutterPunch Rave and so much more!

Gutter City is being built with the entire Gang in mind. Every member of the Gutter Cat Gang will be able to roam freely within Gutter City; however, each species will run operations on their preferred block.

  • The Gutter Cats control the Entertainment District. Their territory is home to some of the more lavish experiences Gutter City has to offer – including the main shopping district, premiere apartment buildings, Purrfection Adults Club and more. Life is good when you’re at the top.
  • Far underground, in the bowels of the Autonomous Zone, the Gutter Rats roam, sustaining themselves on the decaying crumbs of the extravagant lifestyles above. The Gutter Rats run the sewer networks of Gutter City. They operate the Underground Frog Fights, GutterPunch Rave, a Sewer Fishing ring and more. It’s seedy, but it’s home.
  • With a bird’s-eye view of the Autonomous Zone, the Gutter Pigeons keep their claws on the pulse of the power dynamics below. These purveyors of misinformation claim the rooftops of Gutter City. They operate a Mile High Club and various areas of the city that may be out of reach by those that are tied to the ground.
  • The Gutter Dogs control the gritty South-Side of Gutter City. The Dogs spend their days flexing, fighting, and hustling in the streets to make ends meet, trying to figure out a way to make it to the top. When push comes to shove, the Gutter Dogs settle it at the Big Bark Fight Club, then lick their wounds and share a drink at the local Kibble Klub.

Sandbox GCG Assets? Your Gutter Cat Gang NFT is your key to Gutter City. Every species in the Gutter Cat Gang will receive voxelized versions of their Gutter NFT for free! The voxelized avatars of your Gutter Cat, Rat, Pigeon or Dog will unlock access to all Gutter City has to offer. You will also be able to represent GCG with your avatar across all accessible lands in The Sandbox Game metaverse.

Additionally, you will be able to customize your avatar to match your personality! GCG and Blaze Games are creating various wearables, weapons, accessories and vehicles – stay tuned for details! Gutter City will include a wide array of assets and we can’t wait to show you more! Expect $GANG to play a role…

Can I Preview Gutter City? An example of Blaze Games work is already on display in The Sandbox. Gutter Cat Gang was amongst the first to host a community event in The Sandbox with their Halloween Party to celebrate the Alpha Launch of Gutter City. The Sandbox team generously donated a pile of $SAND for Gutter Cat Gang to giveaway during this event. Blaze Games designed a complex jump puzzle contest with $SAND and a rare Sandbox ready NFT as a prize to the first 20 who finished it.

The Alpha Gutter lobby is built on a 1×1 plot of Land (Gutter City will be 9 times larger). Be on the lookout for more creative events as we move closure to the launch of Gutter City.

GCG is taking over the Metaverse! See you there!