GCG Clone Machine Now Open

Visit the GCG Clone Machine

Gang Gang! The Clone Machine is now open and accepting Gutter Juice NFTs for ALL species (Gutter Juice NFTs are used to create Gutter Clone NFTs). 

Species 1, 2, 3 & 4 Gutter Juice NFTs may now be used to redeem a Gutter Cat, Rat, Pigeon or Dog Clone by either (a) cloning a Gutter Cat, Rat, Pigeon or Dog NFT to obtain a Gutter Clone with updated matching traits, or (b) by “rolling the dice” without a Gutter Cat, Rat, Pigeon or Dog using the Gutter Juice NFT by itself, which will deliver a Gutter Cat, Rat, Pigeon or Dog Clone with a randomized combination of traits. 

Clone Machine Instructions:

Visit the Clone Machine website and connect wallet.

Step 1: Click “Select Juice” and input the Gutter Juice #. To find the Gutter Juice #, the user will need to go to OpenSea or LooksRare, access their collection, and find the Gutter Juice that they want to use for Cloning. The Gutter Juice # is in the name not the token ID. 

Step 2: Click “Choose a Gutter Species.” Choose to clone a Gutter Cat, Rat, Pigeon or Dog or roll the dice with “No Species.”

Step 3: Click “Clone Now”.

The Gutter Clone NFT collection consists of up to 28,000 DNA-1 android clones, which are created after Gutter Juice NFTs are processed in the GCG Clone Machine. Gutter Clones will have access to selective merch drops, metaverse experiences, IRL events, and other exciting activations, but may not have the same access to future NFT airdrops or utility tokens as the OG GCG species. However, there may be opportunities to upgrade DNA-1 Gutter Clones in the future. 

As with the Gutter Cats, Rats, Pigeons and Dogs, art is at the core of the Gutter Clones collection, inspired by street culture, 90’s vibes and retro fashion. We can’t wait to see new and OG GCG community members rocking the Gutter Clone PFPs, using them for derivatives and all sorts of dope stuff.

In order to give each Gutter Species its own moment in the spotlight to showcase the Gutter Clone art, we staggered the launch of the Clone Machine for all four species.

Gutter Clones on Opensea

Gutter Clones on LooksRare