Gutter Comics: Burn-To-Redeem 7 Day Physical Claim Period Now Open

The 7 day burn-to-redeem period is now open for Gutter Comic #1: “Tales from the Gutter.” 

Burn a Gutter Comic NFT and receive a fully illustrated physical copy with the exact same comic cover, shipped in a collector case with a seal of authenticity. For example, burn a holographic “Throne of Lies” comic cover NFT to receive a limited edition, physical comic with the same holographic “Throne of Lies” cover. All comics, regardless of cover art, will have the same content in the interior pages. 

The burn-to-redeem physical claim period for Gutter Comic #1 permanently closes on Wednesday, May 4th at 4 PM EST.

Instructions on how to burn-to-redeem for physical copies:

  1. Visit
  2. Connect wallet.
  3. Click on “Order Physical Copy”.
    NOTE: Please make sure digital files are downloaded before burning the Gutter Comic NFT. Once the Gutter Comic NFT is burned, users will not be able to download digital files. 
  4. Enter the token ID of your Gutter Comic NFT. This can be found by clicking on the ‘Details’ tab on OpenSea under ‘Token ID’.
  5. After redeeming, the selected Gutter Comic NFT will be burned in exchange for a fully illustrated, physical copy of the comic with the same cover.
  6. Please check the Gutter Comic site for updates on the order status of the physical copies.

In addition to physical copies, the digital files for Gutter Comic #1, “Tales from the Gutter,” are now available for download for Gutter Comic NFT holders. A Gutter Comic NFT is required in-wallet to access the digital files. Download the digital files to unravel the story of Red and the gang as they hustle their way through the streets of Gutter City in a catnip operation gone wrong.

A special thank you to everyone who helped bring the Gutter Cat Gang’s first edition comic to life!