Gutter Comics Rarity Burn is Live

GANG GANG – happy Caturday!

Burn-to-upgrade is now open for Gutter Comic #1: Tales from the Gutter. All comic covers were initially minted as normal edition NFTs. Collect and burn two normal edition NFTs (of the same cover) to upgrade to the gold edition NFT. Collect and burn two gold edition NFTs (of the same cover) to upgrade to the holographic edition NFT. The Burn-to-redeem for physical copies will be available within 60 days and will be open for one week.

Burn-to-upgrade Instructions below:

  1. Visit
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Click on ‘Upgrade’
  4. Enter the comic ID’s of two identical comic cover NFTs you have collected (ex: two copies of “Blood Brothers”). To find the comic ID, visit your Opensea profile and click on a Gutter Comics NFT.
  5. Once you are on the description page of the cover you have selected, scroll down and click on ‘Details’. This box will expand and show the ‘Token ID’.
  6.  Once you have entered the two comic cover id’s, click on ‘Upgrade’.
  7. MetaMask will prompt you to sign a one-time nonce. Click on ‘Sign’. After clicking ‘Sign’, another MetaMask prompt will appear asking you to confirm. You will have to pay gas to confirm the burn.
  8. After clicking ‘confirm’, you will receive this message confirming that your comics have been burned and upgraded into the next rarity! To upgrade to the next rarity, repeat this process.

For questions & help, please visit the official GCG Discord and submit a Support ticket –