Gutter Dogs PREVIEW

No longer able to rely on the crutch of “man’s best friend” or live in their nice suburban homes, the Gutter Dogs had to move to the inner city and reinvent themselves as “tough guys”. Now, the Dogs spend their days flexing, fighting, and hustling in the streets to make ends meet, trying to figure out a way to make it to the top. 3,000 Gutter Dogs.

Starting on October 2nd, you will be able to redeem your Gutter Mint Pass Species #4 to claim your Gutter Dog for FREE (+gas).

Gutter Dogs will have unique utility in The Gutter – Species specific airdrops, metaverse voxels, event access, and unique access to merch tailored to their species. For example, one airdrop may be for Rats only, one merch collab may be for Pigeons only, and one event’s VIP section may be for Dogs only.

For certain utility activations, owners of full sets will be rewarded in unique and special ways.

Mint Pass redemption opens October 2nd.

Gutter Species #4 Mint Passes are available on Opensea: