Gutter Merch 1.0: How to Purchase and Redeem

The Gutter Merch Collection 1.0 is an NFT redeemable for our physical genesis merch capsule, consisting of a dad hat, hoodie, and tee. Upon redemption the NFT is burned and the physical merch selected at mint is shipped to anywhere in the world. In other words, the Gutter Merch collection 1.0 is dope.

Here are the instructions to redeem your Gutter merch:

Buying Gutter Merch

1. Go to OpenSea and search “Gutter Merch”

The collection page will looks like this:

2.  Use the filters on the right to find the correct sizes and styles for your merch

3. Verify in the properties tab that the size and styles that you prefer are correct. Purchase the NFT by clicking “Buy Now”


You can now burn the NFT on our merch redemption website to receive a physical merch bundle -OR- hold the Gutter Merch NFT as a collectible.


Redeeming Gutter Merch

To redeem the Gutter Merch, you will need the token ID of the merch NFT that you purchased on OpenSea.

1. To find the token ID, open your item on OpenSea, open “Details” tab under the image and see Token ID. See the example below

2. Visit

3. Click on “Connect Wallet” and connect to your MetaMask wallet.

4. Once your wallet is connected, click on “Redeem” and enter your token ID. Please note – Do not attempt to redeem the merch NFT on mobile. It is highly recommended to redeem on a desktop/laptop browser like Google Chrome. Disable your pop-up blocker during this process to allow the website’s redemption prompts to appear.

5. After entering the token ID and hitting the “Redeem” button, you will land on a page to confirm your shipping address. Upon entering your shipping address, you will be redirected to a page confirming that your merch bundle is on it’s way!


For any questions, join our Discord or send a DM to our Twitter.

Merch Redemption Website