Gutter NYC Merch – Limited Release


Gutter NYC Merch – Limited Release

You asked, we listened. 

If you missed the Gutter Cat Gang in NYC this past June, limited Gutter NYC merchandise will be available to purchase online by GCG holders (Gutter Cats, Rats, Pigeons, Dogs and Clones) tomorrow July 21 at 8 PM ET. Early access for Gutter Cat holders will open at 7:30 PM ET.

Drop Details:

Release Date: July 21, 2022

Opening time: The shop opens at 8 PM ET (7:30 PM ET early access for Gutter Cat holders) and will be limited in quantity. 

Access: All GCG holders (Gutter Cats, Rats, Pigeons, Dogs and Clones)

Purchase Details:

  1. Visit the Gutter Merch Shop 
  2. Click ‘Connect Wallet’ to connect the MetaMask wallet with your GCG asset and verify eligibility. Please note that we are only verifying your wallet to confirm that it contains the required token(s) needed to access the shop. We do not store any wallet information or pass it through to the shop.
  3. Shop the merchandise and proceed with checkout.


Do I need a one-time password to access the Gutter Merch Shop?

This merch drop does not require a one-time password. Through the shop link, holders will only need to verify their wallet with the GCG asset. 

Who can access the online merch drop?

The Gutter NYC merch is available to all GCG holders (Gutter Cats, Rats, Pigeons, Dogs and Clones). Gutter Cat holders will be able to access the Gutter Merch Shop 30 minutes before Gutter Rat, Pigeon, Dog and Clone holders receive access. 

Issues with purchase and checkout? 

Please ensure that you have connected your MetaMask wallet in order to gain access to the Shop – and that you have a Gutter Cat, Rat, Pigeon, Dog or Clone NFT in that wallet. We strongly encourage you to do this on desktop rather than mobile. If you are still having issues – please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Muscle team in discord or email