Gutter Pigeon & Dog LAUNCH DAY + Redemption FAQ

GANG GANG, Happy Caturday!

Gutter Species Mint Pass redemption opens tonight and will be open indefinitely.

– Gutter Pigeons will be available to redeem @ 6:30 PM EST.
– Gutter Dogs will be available to redeem @ 7:30 PM EST.

Redemption and Opensea collection links will be available on our newly refreshed website when redemption opens –

Please follow the redemption steps below for a smooth minting experience.

Mint Pass Redemption Steps:
– Step 1 (Connect Wallet): Connect your wallet to the dapp. For the most optimal experience, please use your Metamask wallet in Google Chrome on a desktop or laptop.

– Step 2 (Set Approval): The first time you redeem a species #3 or #4 mint pass, you will be asked to set approval for the contract to burn the mint pass in exchange for minting a Gutter Pigeon or Gutter Dog.

– Step 3 (Mint): After approving the burn, you will then be prompted to mint your Gutter Pigeon or Gutter Dog. Note: while the mint transaction is pending you may still see your Gutter Species Mint Pass in your wallet. Do not try to redeem your mint pass twice or your second transaction will fail and you will waste gas.

Mint Pass Redemption FAQ:
– Gutter Species Mint Passes are available to purchase on the secondary market on Opensea:

– Gutter Pigeons are Species #3 – Gutter Dogs are Species #4

– There are 3,000 Gutter Pigeons

– There are 3,000 Gutter Dogs

– Gutter Species Mint Pass redemption will remain open indefinitely. For this reason, we encourage you to wait until gas is low to redeem your mint pass.

– Mint passes will be burned and then you will be able to mint a Gutter Pigeon or Dog.

– Your mint pass ID does NOT correspond to a specific species ID. Species IDs will be minted consecutively.

– Ledger wallet owners may mint with WalletConnect and LedgerLive

– Trezor wallet owners may mint with Metamask downgraded to 9.8.4. This is because the latest Trezor firmware version is not fully compatible with the latest Metamask version. See the following site for more info:

– We encourage you to use this dapp on a desktop/laptop computer connected to Metamask for the best experience. Caturday is about to get very DOPE!