Gutter Pigeons PREVIEW

Gutter Pigeons comin’

With a bird’s-eye view of the Autonomous Zone, the Gutter Pigeons keep their claws on the pulse of the power dynamics below. Purveyors of misinformation and peddlers of mistrust, the Pigeons, known as the “Rats of the Sky” in the Gutter, have created an intricate smuggling network to transport contraband, news, and rumors into the streets. 3,000 Gutter Pigeons.

Gutter Pigeons will have unique utility in The Gutter – Species specific airdrops, metaverse voxels, event access, and unique access to merch tailored to their species. For example, one airdrop may be for Rats only, one merch collab may be for Pigeons only, and one event’s VIP section may be for Dogs only.

For certain utility activations, owners of full sets will be rewarded in unique and special ways.

Mint Pass redemption opens October 2nd.

Gutter Species #3 Mint Passes are available on Opensea: