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As anticipated…. all Gutter Cat owners will receive… MF Gutter Rats! Each Gutter Cat NFT will have the opportunity to mint a Gutter Rat NFT that matches the owner’s Gutter Cat ID fo’ FREE (+ gas) in the coming week. We want to emphasize the point that Gutter Rats are second class citizens in the Gutter, and will never receive the prestige or privileges of owning a Gutter Cat, but we feel this is a fun way to give value to Gutter Cat owners, and also encourage more people to join our dope community (with some sick art).

Hold onto Cat and Rat pairs for potential benefits down the road or sell your Rat to get more unique members in the Gutter! Despite the time and effort we put into making the Gutter Rats DOPE for the last month (ask the muscle mods – alien tats?). Gutter Cats will be the only Gutter NFTs that can expect to receive high quality tokenized dividends… forever. Also, to set the record straight – we are not affiliated with any other rat NFT projects (no disrespect but our Gutter Rats will be the baddest rats on the blockchain, best believe that). :meow_knife: