GutterCon + Next Avatar Announcement

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Lace up, Sin City – Gutter Cats comin’

Official Dates: 9/17/21 – 9/19/21
We’re proud to announce our inaugural, flagship event: GutterCon. What other city could be better for the Gang’s first meet-up than Las Vegas? Pool parties, gang dinners, iHeartRadio Music Festival, night club shenanigans, paintball, Gutter Dan, Gutter Ric and Gutter Mitch taking down the house, etc – this weekend will be one for the books. Don’t miss out!! We will release the itinerary soon and can’t wait to provide further details once official. Please reach out to if you have any questions, ideas, connections, or suggestions!

Free Voxel Gutter Rats
All Gutter Rats will receive free voxel Gutter Rats for use in Gutter City in The Sandbox! The basic fur option will be free and Blaze Games is working on an optional/affordable upgraded package with weapons, wearables, vehicles, and more. Stay tuned fam!

Gutter Merch Capsule – Tokenized Merch Drop
We hear you Jackson!! Wen Merch?? Within the next two weeks, tops! The Gutter Merch Collection 1.0 will be an NFT that is redeemable for our genesis bundle of merch, consisting of a dad hat, hoodie, and tee. Mint your customized bundle with preferred styles and sizes, and then hold, sell, trade, or redeem your NFT. Upon redemption, the NFT is burned and we’ll immediately ship your bundle anywhere in the world. Only Gutter Cat and Gutter Rat owners will be eligible to purchase the inaugural 1.0 merch capsule!! Merch capsule 2.0 MAY just include a few properties from the GCG collection that the gang has been asking for and is already in the works.

Another Avatar is coming to the Gutter!
Gang Members who own both a Gutter Cat and Gutter Rat (matching IDs don’t matter) will be entitled to blind mint the third species in the Gutter for free (+ gas)!!! You must own both a Gutter Rat and Gutter Cat to claim the companion. Minting will only be open for a limited amount of time. Stay posted for more details! Rat Utility To answer everyone’s questions regarding Rat Utility – it is here.. in three different ways.. (1) voxel rats, (2) eligibility for merch, and (3) as part of the required recipe to be entitled to mint the third gutter species. For now….