Introducing the Gutter Town Hall

Gang Gang! We’re excited to announce the Gutter Town Hall! The Gang requested it, and we agree that a bi-weekly Gutter Cat Gang Town Hall is a great way to keep the community informed on all things cooking in the Gutter.

Our Host With The Most! Crazy Carl! 

If you’ve spent some time in live NFT Twitter Spaces, chances are you’re familiar with this iconic Black Tats Gutter Cat. Crazy Carl came onto the Twitter Space scene strong with his show, The Crazy About Crypto Show. The shows first episode was an interview with our very own Gutter Dan on July 15th. Carl has since gone on to host a wide range of Crypto and NFT icons, including a legendary episode with Beeple! We couldn’t be happier to welcome Carl into the Gutter Town Hall hosts chair. He’s been one of the top brand ambassadors for the Gutter – and we know he is going to crush it!

Recording In Progress

The Gutter Town Hall will take place live every other Monday at 9p.m. EST., starting TOMORROWNovember 15th.

The Gutter Town Hall is a live and interactive Twitter Spaces show hosted by the official Gutter Cat Gang Twitter and Crazy Carl. Gutter Wang, the Gutter Cat Gang Community Manager, will join Carl every other week alongside various special guests and Gutter Labs Team members. The hosts will discuss general Gutter News, as well as wider crypto and NFT commentary. Every show will end with a Q/A session where the panel will bring up guests or take questions from the audience.

Joining Carl for our first Town Hall this week will be Gutter Wang and Gutter Dan, who will share a heavily requested story – the origin of the Gutter itself!

The Gutter Town Hall will be recorded and circulated on various outlets – stay tuned for those details.

We are honored to be a part of this amazing community. The Gang has proven time and time again to be one of the top projects in the NFT space – and we couldn’t have done it without all of you.

There are so many exciting things ahead of us, and we can’t wait to share them with everyone! We hope the Gutter Town Hall will act as a space where GCG can be more transparent with the community and work together to keep the Gutter Gospel thriving!

See You at the Inaugural Gutter Town Hall Tomorrow! Gang Gang!