Gutter Art: Gutter Cat Gang x Jaybee

Our latest installment of Gutter Art comes from Los Angeles based artist and illustrator Josh Seth Blake aka Jaybee. The artist wanted to take the whole Gutter family and launch them into the cosmos with crazy color and flair – “It’s been a blast etching details in the tattoos and rendering the cosmic trails, so I hope you enjoy them.”

The Airdrop

SpaceWalker Cat – A Gutter Cat exploring the cosmos in a sweet spacesuit – No nip required.

This piece was airdropped to Gutter Cat holders.

SpaceWalker Doggo – A Gutter Dog donning a custom etched spacesuit – Nothing to bark at.

This piece was airdropped to Gutter Dog holders.

SpaceWalker Rat – A Gutter Rat in a fully customized spacesuit. This descendant of “Pizza Rat” may be exploring the cosmos now, but he’ll never forget where his family made their dough.

This piece was airdropped to Gutter Rat holders.

Cosmic Trip – A full Gutter squad soars through the cosmos. Don’t worry about the Rat, he’ll be fine.

This piece was airdropped to full Gutter Gang set holders.

The Auction

The auction will take place at Jaybee Collabs – Collection | OpenSea

City of Stars – A Gutter Cat enjoys the view five miles outside of Gutter City.

This 1 of 1 piece will be auctioned by the artist.

Speed of Light – A Gutter Cat zips through time and space like a hot knife through butter.

This 1 of 1 piece will be auctioned by the artist.

Auction Details

  • 24 hour auction
  • Opens Saturday, November 6th at 5pm PST.
  • Ends Sunday, November 6th at 5pm PST.
  • .1 opening bid, no reserve.
  • Each piece will include a framed 11 x 17 print signed by the artist.

About The Artist

Josh Seth Blake aka Jaybee grew up in Los Angeles with a love for drawing, movies, and movie posters.  Josh found his way making movie posters and illustrations at Gallery 1988 on Melrose. Through the gallery, Josh was able to do work for Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Focus Features, Monty Python, and Weird Al to name a few. He has now transitioned into NFT’s with his own collection, SpaceWalker. We came across Josh’s work and couldn’t be happier to collab with him.

SpaceWalker is a space adventure-themed generative NFT art collection. Each SpaceWalker portrait in the collection contains a unique variety of armor, actions, colors, and background elements which all make for an epic intergalactic adventure for our unsung hero, SpaceWalker Jones. Should SpaceWalker Jones ever need backup while on a Galactic Adventure, best believe Gutter Gang will ride out.