The Merch 2.0 Gutter Shop

Gutter Merch 2.0 Phase 2 is available in the Gutter Shop until Tuesday November 30th at 3 PM EST. – after, Merch 2.0 will be off the shelves for good.


How do I get my Gutter Shop password?

Head over to Gutter Merch 2.0 password generator and connect your wallet to verify that you own ANY Gutter Species. Once confirmed, you will then receive your one-time use password that will allow access to The Gutter Shop website where you can make your selections.

Who can access the Merch 2.0 Phase 2 drop?

Gutter Merch 2.0 is open to holders of ALL Gutter species.

I am having trouble getting my password!

Please ensure that you have connected your MetaMask wallet to Gutter Merch 2.0 website – and that you have a Gutter Cat, Rat, Pigeon or Dog in that wallet. We strongly encourage that you do this on desktop rather than mobile. If you are still having issues – please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Muscle team in discord or email