Lorenzo Lozini x Gutter Cat Gang

We are proud to announce our next installment in the Gutter Art collection! Artist Lorenzo Lozini caught our attention with his unique Gutter Cat derivatives, and we couldn’t be happier to do this collab with him. Lorenzo wanted to ensure that every member of the Gang received a piece – he even wanted to crack a cold one with full set holders! The collab also includes a nod to our Kingpins with a piece exclusive to this elite group of collectors – those who own 5 or more Gutter Cats!

Gutter Art Airdrop Details:

Holders of Gutter Cat tokens were airdropped Spark Up. Is it an open invitation from the artist? Time will tell.

What’s Good? was airdropped to our Gutter Rat holders.

Some may refer to the Gutter Pigeons as purveyors of misinformation in the Gutter, but Lorenzo knows that some Pigeons prefer to do business By The Book. This piece was airdropped to Gutter Pigeon holders.

After the humans abandoned Earth, the Gutter Dogs had to reinvent their role within Gutter City. DOG LIF was airdropped to our Gutter Dog holders as a reminder to stay hungry, regardless of the situation they may be in.

Here’s To The Gutter was airdropped to holders of Full Gutter Gang Species Sets. This cold one represents the first example of full set utility in the Gutter. Sit back and pop the top on this one, you’ve earned it!

Likewise, King Of The Gutter is our first airdrop to holders of 5+ Gutter Cats aka the Kingpins! Look for more creative ways to bring utility to this exclusive group in the future.

About The Artist:

Lorenzo is a Brazilian artist who discovered his love of art at the age of 17. His father took note and began introducing him to the works of Picasso, Braque, Dali, Mondrian, Pollock and others. Lorenzo studied these master artists work while continuing to develop his own style of extremely vibrant colors paired with strong brush strokes. Now in his 30’s, Lorenzo works primarily in the digital art medium. He launched his first NFT project, Ritratti by Lorenzo Lozini, after reading about the success of CryptoPunks. Ritratti quickly sold out, as did his second project Ritratti Fontti. Lorenzo is now working on his third project as well as collab work.

Lorenzo Lozini x Gutter Cat Gang Auction Details:

This auction will begin this Caturday, October 23rd at 5 p.m. PST and end Sunday, October 24th at 5 p.m. PST.

The auction will include seven unique 1 of 1 pieces. Each piece will open at a .1 bid with no reserve price.

Lorenzo is a Gutter Rat holder who’s goal with this auction is to be able to purchase his first Gutter Cat. Be sure to stop by and show your support!