Gutter Cat Gang Merch 2.0 Phase 1

The first rule of GCG is to Keep it Gutter. The second rule is to refer to rule one. Today, we are announcing Phase 1 of the Gutter Cat Gang Merch 2.0 drop.

Gutter Cat Gang Merch 2.0 will be rolled out in 2 phases.

Phase 1

Phase 1 of the 2.0 Gutter Merch Collection consists of two NFTs that are redeemable for physical merch. Hodl, sell, trade, or redeem your NFT for merch! Upon redemption, the purchased NFT is burned, and the physical merch selected at mint is shipped anywhere in the world. 

The first phase of Merch 2.0 is exclusively limited to Gutter Cat and Full Gutter Set owners and will include two of the most rare merch properties that are featured in the OG Gutter Cat Gang collection – the Bitcoin and Ethereum hats!


Drop Details:

Gutter Cat owners will be eligible to purchase Bitcoin Hat merch NFTs. 

Full Gutter Set owners will be eligible to purchase Ethereum Hat merch NFTs.
(To qualify as a Full Gutter Set owner, you must own a Gutter Cat, Rat, Pigeon and Dog.)

-Merch 2.0 NFTs will cost 0.015 ETH each and will be available to purchase during a 72-hour period starting this Sunday October 31st (exact time TBA) on our website.

Like Merch 1.0, there are no transaction limits for Phase 1 of Merch 2.0 during the 72-hour purchase window and each NFT purchased will be redeemable for the physical version of the dad hat indefinitely.
Redemption will open 1-2 weeks after minting closes. The Bitcoin and Ethereum hats are limited-time and will NOT be available for purchase any time after the 72 hour window closes other than on the secondary market (i.e, the Bitcoin and Ethereum hats will not be included or be available to purchase during Phase 2 of Merch 2.0). 

Phase 2 of Merch 2.0 will not be tokenized and certain items will be available to everyone in the Gang. Stay tuned for more details and first looks on Phase 2!

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