New Gutter Art Free-To-Claim Process

Gutter Art is an on-going activation whereby GCG seeks out talented artists in the NFT space and collaborates with them in order to create unique GCG-themed NFTs in the artists’ style for the Gutter Cat Gang community. For each Gutter Art collaboration, artists typically create one (or multiple) editions for different segments of the GCG community for free, as well as a 1 of 1 piece for an auction hosted by the artist. 

The purpose of the Gutter Art collection is to spotlight both reputable and emerging artists who are making a positive impact on the web3 community. Gutter Art NFTs do not qualify as membership into GCG, rather, they represent the Gang’s commitment to promoting inclusivity and organic growth for artists, while providing GCG members with some dope NFT artwork from those talented artists at the same time.   

Up until now, Gutter Art editions were Polygon-based NFTs that were airdropped to GCG holders’ wallets. However, based on community feedback, we decided to switch things up. Now, Gutter Art editions will be Ethereum-based NFTs that are available via a free-to-claim minting process that is open for a set period of time. This new Gutter Art process will allow Gutter Cat Gang members to be more selective regarding the Gutter Art editions that appear in their wallets and will effectively make certain Gutter Art editions more rare than others.

A snapshot will be taken about 30 minutes before each Gutter Art edition free claim begins. All wallets in the snapshot that hold the qualifying GCG NFT’s will be eligible to mint the Gutter Art edition for free (i.e., if the Gutter Art edition is only available for Gutter Cat holders, all wallets that held a Gutter Cat NFT at the time of the snapshot will qualify for the free mint).

How to Claim Future Gutter Art Editions:   

  • Visit the Gutter Art minting site (to be provided)
  • Connect the wallet that holds the qualifying NFT (i.e., if the Gutter Art edition is only available for Gutter Cat holders, the connected wallet must have at least one Gutter Cat NFT to qualify for the free mint).
  • Click “Mint Now” 
  • Each qualified holder is allowed one Gutter Art edition mint per wallet

Gang Gang! We hope you enjoy your newest Gutter Art Editions as they become available!