NEW Gutter Species!



The Gutter is about to grow by not ONE but TWO new species! The two new Gutter species will be claimable via Gutter Mint Pass NFTs, which will be distributed today @ 1:00 PM EST. as follows:

– 2,500 Gutter Mint Pass NFTs will be claimable for FREE for those of you who own Gutter Cat and Gutter Rat pairs (matching ID’s do not matter). For example, if you own 3 Gutter Cats and 3 Gutter Rats, you will be eligible to claim 3 Gutter Mint Pass NFTs for free. The free Gutter Mint Passes will be equally distributed for both species (1,250 for species #3 and 1,250 for species #4).

– 1,000 Gutter Mint Pass NFTs will be reserved for a Gutter-only Private Sale at a fixed price of 0.75 ETH. If you own a Gutter Cat OR Gutter Rat, you are eligible to purchase Gutter Mint Passes through the Gutter-only Private Sale. The Gutter-only Private Sale Mint Passes will be equally distributed for both species (500 for species #3 and 500 for species #4).

– 2,500 Gutter Mint Pass NFTs will be available to purchase via a Public Sale for 1.5 ETH. Everyone is eligible to purchase a Gutter Mint Pass during the Public Sale. The Public Sale Gutter Mint Passes will be equally distributed for both species (1,250 for species #3 and 1,250 for species #4).

The Gutter Cat Gang will remain the Gutter’s premier collection and will forever be capped at 3,000 NFTs. The two new species, which will include 3,000 NFTs in each collection, will join the 3,000 Gutter Rats to collectively form our second tier of collections, the Gutter Gang, riding 9,000 strong. Through the public sale, our mission is to grow the number of unique users in the Gutter, which we believe will have a very positive impact on our community as a whole. Additionally, the Gutter Cat Gang DAO Wallet will be seeded with at least $500,000.00 raised from the proceeds of the third and fourth species Mint Pass sale, which will be utilized for community-led initiatives that make the Gutter the best place to be in the entire NFT space. The Gutter already rides so hard on social media, the metaverse and real world, so we can’t wait to see the splash the Gutter community makes once the Gang’s numbers double!

Gutter Mint Pass FAQ:
Q: When are Mint Passes available to claim or purchase?
A: The Mint Passes will be available today at 1:00 PM EST. The Free Mint Passes, Gutter-Only Private Sale, and Public Sale will all start at the same time. Mint Passes will be distributed and allocated as set forth above.Q: When can we burn/redeem our Mint Passes for the 3rd and 4th Gutter species?
A: The burn/redemption window will open up at some point in the coming weeks. Besides having access to a 3rd or 4th Gutter species, Mint Pass holders will also receive extra utility before the burn/redeem.Q: What are the new species?
A: The 3rd and 4th species are as Gutter as it gets, and we can’t wait to show you guys what the team’s come up with. We’re carrying over some old traits and dropping a few new traits that will blow some minds. Let’s just say the Banana Rat may have some competition coming his way!Q: What is the goal of this drop?
A: Our goal is to give utility to those who hold Gutter Cat and Rat pairs, while also increasing the gang’s unique numbers by encouraging new members who may have missed out on our initial Guter Cat Gang sale. Additionally, we will use Gutter Mint Pass proceeds to initially seed the Gutter Cat Gang DAO with at least $500,000.00. We priced the mint passes to reward current Gutter Cat and Gutter Rat owners for holding, while also preserving the floor price for Gutter Rat owners.Q: Will there be utility for all Gutter Species?
A: Absolutely. Between multiple metaverses, IRL meetups, merch drops, DAO participation, and future NFT drops, we will continually add value for those holding any of the Gutter Species (and there will be even more utility provided to those who hold all four species). Also, be on the lookout for upcoming utility for those who hold Gutter Mint Passes.Q: Can I use my hardware wallet to claim my free Mint Pass?
A: We can’t guarantee that the hardware wallet will work since Metamask’s Ledger and Trezor integrations have had prior issues. We strongly encourage you to temporarily transfer your Gutter Cat/Rat pairs to a non-hardware Metamask wallet and mint your free Mint Pass on a desktop/laptop with Google Chrome for the best user experience.

FINE PRINT: Each Gutter Cat and Gutter Rat can only be used in a pair ONCE to claim a free mint pass. But a single wallet that has multiple Gutter Cat/Rat pairs can mint as many free mint passes as they have pairs. Having a single Gutter Cat or Gutter Rat entitles you to participate in the Gutter Private Sale, and there is no limit on how many Mint Passes you can mint at the discounted rate.