October Update

October Updates

ICYMI: The Gang is coming to the Big Apple on Wednesday, November 3rd! The Gutter Cat Gang will join our friends at Royal Society of Players and Metaverse HQ for a special VIP Networking Reception during NFT.NYC at Monarch Rooftop from 5 – 8 PM EST. Entry to this event is complimentary for all Gutter Cat Gang members (all species included)! Join us for an open bar, food, giveaways, networking opportunities and a gutter time! RSVP here: https://guttercatgang.com/nft-nyc/

Website Refresh & Gutter Cat Gang Blog
We refreshed our website with a new layout, information and lore on all Gutter Species, social links, utility info, partnership info, and our very own Gutter Cat Gang Blog. We will continue to add more dope features to the site in the coming weeks. Check it out and let us know what you think! – All feedback is welcome in the help-and-feedback channel on Discord! https://guttercatgang.com/ Also, we’re adding to the team! If you’re interested in blogging for the Gutter Cat Gang, please reach out by sending your resume and a writing sample to jobs@gutterlabs.com. SEO experience is a plus!

Gutter Cat Gang Sandbox Event
The Sandbox Multiplayer Alpha release is almost here! To celebrate, we are putting together a special Metaverse Party in the Sandbox! Blaze Games has been hard at work building an exclusive Club experience where we will soon be able to participate in the Sandbox with the Gang for the first time! Be on the lookout for further details and sneak peaks in the very near future.

Gutter Town Hall
In addition to the Gutter Cat Gang Blog, we are proud to introduce a new official information outlet, The Gutter Town Hall. A few prominent members from our community are gearing up to host a weekly broadcast along with at least one member of the Gutter Labs team. The goal of the Town Hall is to keep the gang, and those interested in joining, informed on current events and plans for the Gutter. We’re excited to roll this out and will provide more details on show times and hosts in the coming days!

Liquidity Pools
All Gutter Species are now live with four liquidity pools on NFTx! For more information and details on the Gutter liquidity pools, please visit our Blog or the faq channel.

Nifty Gateway
Gutter Pigeons and Gutter Dogs are now listed on Nifty Gateway! Nifty Gateway is a digital art auction platform and marketplace that makes buying NFTs accessible to everyone. See our Blog for more details on Nifty Gateway and corresponding species links: https://guttercatgang.com/gutter-cat-gang-nfts-are-now-live-on-nifty-gateway/

Survivor League
Five weeks into the NFL season and only a third of the gang remain – be wise with your picks! Remember, a Gutter Cat, Gutter Rat, Championship Jacket and Physical/NFT Trophy are on the line. Good luck to the remaining 140 players!

Wen Merch
Merch 2.0 is cooking and will be coming sometime within the next month. Our upcoming merch lineups are DOPE, and we’re excited to share them with you all! In addition to Merch 2.0, the gang is also collaborating with renowned street-wear brands on exclusive merch that will drop sometime in the upcoming months! Like our merch 1.0 drop, these merch drops will be gang-exclusive and limited, and there may be additional access for those holding Gutter Cats and full sets.

More IRL Events
In addition to the Metaverse, the Gutter Cat Gang is taking over IRL events. As we move forward, we will host more epic IRL activities for the gang to meet up and enjoy each other like we’re doing at NFT.NYC. We are thrilled everyone had a blast at GutterCon 2021 – a celebration we won’t forget, and we’re already looking forward to next year. While there will always be grounds for festivities, moving forward we will also hold events that provide as much value as possible for the Gang. These may include: weekend conferences with prominent speakers in the NFT space, merch pop-ups, networking receptions, art shows, and much more.

Upcoming Gutter Art
We hope everyone in the Gang enjoyed the GCG x Sadgirls drop last week! We will continue to partner with awesome artists, and the gang should expect more dope airdrops incoming at different access levels soon!

Gutter Cat Gang x Pop Wonder Update
We love experimenting with new and exciting mechanics (like our tokenized merch drop) and are now introducing a twist to the GCG x Pop Wonder airdrop. Pop is signing 10 physical copies of the piece that was airdropped to all Gutter holders, which will be raffled to 10 lucky winners. To enter, you must burn your airdropped GCG x Pop Wonder NFT on our website during a TBA 48 hour window. Each burned NFT will equal one raffle entry. More information will be provided soon.

Comic Update
The Gutter Cat Gang Story-Core, along with our partner Myth Division, have wrapped up production of the final script! Art is now well underway, and it is looking DOPE! The two teams will continue to work together to put the final touches on Gutter Cat Gang Volume 1. We hope to get it out to the Gang by early November! Remember, randomly selected Gutter Cat owners will receive physical copies of the comic book, and all Gutter Cat owners will be entitled to claim tokenized versions! Each Gutter Cat owner will have the opportunity to mint their own edition of the comic book for free (+ gas).

Gutter Gives
The Gutter Cat Gang has always embodied an underdog spirit. Down, but never out, we continued to scrape and claw to get to where we are today, and we are just getting started! We are proud of what we have built together, yet we always want to remember where we came from. It is with this mindset that we are proud to announce our Gutter Gives charity initiative! Gutter Gives aims to celebrate members of our real world communities that walk a similar path. Sponsoring youth sport leagues, resurfacing community basketball courts and local skate parks are just a few of our ideas that we’re putting into action. Bridging the gap between the NFT and local communities where we can spread knowledge and awareness of blockchain technology while helping out communities in need are what we’re all about.Gutter City Twitter Characters
We have to give a special shoutout to our amazing community! What seemed to start with the sharply dressed, cold-blooded mob boss – Don Pigeone – quickly spread to a band of Villains and Vigilantes within a newly formed alternative Universe known as the Gutter League. Hurt in an accident at McGutter’s? For a sizable fee, The Law Offices Of Pigeon, Crane & Pigeon will see that you are somewhat compensated! Also, the Gutter Basketball League competition looks stacked with teams forming throughout all corners of the Gutter – we can’t wait to see these guys battle it out in the Sandbox! We’ve seen private security organizations, a pawn shop spring up, bounty hunters, Real Nestwives airing on GTV and even our very own GutterBot come to life! We are likely forgetting several of the amazing personas coming out of the Gutter lately, but we can’t thank you all enough! The value you bring to the community couldn’t be emphasized enough! We look forward to seeing you all continue to fill our timelines with this amazing content. It’s one of the best parts of NFT Twitter!