Pop Wonder x Gutter Art: Exclusive Signed Print Raffle

UPDATE: The Pop Wonder x GCG burn site is available here: https://burnpop.guttercatgang.com/

It’s fitting that the first use case for Gutter Art utility is tied to the collection’s first piece by our friend and NFT OG Pop Wonder. Tomorrow, Collectors will be able to burn their Pop Wonder Gutter Art Airdrop NFT for a chance to win ONE of TEN physical prints (27″ x 9″) signed by Pop Wonder himself!

The POP x GCG Gutter Art NFT can be found here.

The Details

  • During a 48 hour BURN WINDOW you will be able to burn the Pop Wonder Gutter Art Airdrop on our website TBA.
  • The BURN WINDOW will open on November 11 at 4:20 p.m. EST and closes November 13 at 4:20 p.m. EST.
  • All wallets that burn the Pop Wonder Gutter Art piece will be entered into a raffle. Each additional burn will count as an additional raffle entry. Using Chainlink VRF, 10 winning wallets will be selected and posted in an announcement.
  • After the winners are announced, the owners will have 72 hours to claim their physical copy prize. The owners of the winning wallets will need to go to a TBA website – connect with their winning wallet, and enter their shipping information.
  • If there are winning entries that are not claimed within 72 hours, we will conduct an additional drawing using Chainlink VRF for the unclaimed physical pieces.

The Fine Print

  • 1 Pop Gutter Art burn = 1 raffle entry.
  • Only pieces burned during this period and through our website (not etherscan) are eligible.
  • After winning wallets are announced, the owners of the winning wallets will have 72 hours to claim their prize and enter their shipping info. After the 72 hour period, they will become ineligible and new winners will be selected for the unclaimed prizes.

Good luck and Gang Gang!