Rats on Evaluate Market, Subreddit and Gutterville

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GANG GANG – Happy Friday!  

We wanted to follow up yesterday’s big news with a few more announcements.. 

Gutters Rats are now live on Evaluate Market! 

Thanks to the swift work by the team over at Evaluate Market, the Gutter Rats are now live alongside the Gutter Cats! You can now analyze your Gutter Rats and your NFT portfolio value on the Evaluate Market platform! They have a ton of great tools and are a tremendous resource for the NFT community – check em out! https://evaluate.market/gutterrats/listings 

Gutter Cat Gang Official Subreddit 

We finally have an official sub-Reddit – check it out!! https://www.reddit.com/r/guttercatgang/ 

The Gutter Cat Gang Takes Over New Metaverse Territory 

We are happy to announce that we are partnering with Frogland.io to bring a new Metaverse experience – #NewPangea 

The Gutter Cats are taking over abandoned buildings in the most bombed-out section of Ruined City, where we’re marking grimy structures, and gritty back alleys as we expand Gutter Cat territory into our very own District in the NewPangea metaverse. 

“Gutterville” is the decimated wasteland where the Gang roams around and will be our community district in the game 

Rats get Free Voxel

Per our announcement yesterday, all Gutter Rat owners will receive free base voxel versions of their Gutter Rats! The Blaze Games team hooked it up with a little Voxel Cat and Voxel Rat fur sneak peak for The Sandbox Game! We can’t wait for these voxel versions of the gang to drop!