Roadmap 1.0 Update

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Roadmap update v2

Gutta Gang!

What a crazy week it’s been! It feels like our launch was an eternity ago, and it’s been less than a week!

So far we:
• Had a record-breaking initial sell out
• Built a fresh new website
• Optimized Discord, initiated our Muscle mods, established Discord gang channels and gang roles, and unleashed a few Discord bots (Twitter sales bot is on the way!)
• Setup two thriving Liquidity Pools • Climbed to #4 in the 7-day volume on OpenSea for ALL NFT projects (only behind BAYC, CryptoPunks, and VeeFriends)
• DOMINATED the New Project OpenSea Rankings, beating out second place by 5x!
• Had a few big names join the gang (Daryl Morey, Lamelo Ball, Dingaling, etc.), some of whom chopped it up in the Discord w/ our community
• Refunded 13 ETH in lost Gas fees (thanks for the shout out Pranksy)
• Had a live Twitter Space where Gang members could socialize and get to know each other (more to come on these)
• Built our Twitter following organically to almost 5k and Discord almost to 3k!
• Had our first live interview on a major NFT podcast @TheFirstMint (thanks for having us on!)
• Had several successful derivate art projects launched by community members

We are currently working on:
• A partnership with a high profile NFT digital display company that will reward a few current Gutter Cat owners
• Talks to buy a nice plot of land to bring the Gutter Cat Gang to life in the metaverse – stay tuned for more info!
• Badass branding with a well-known Miami-based design company with tons of dope merch cooking (be on the lookout for a surprise merch drop in the coming days/weeks)
• Selecting winners to send some classy, framed Gutter Cat prints to, in accordance with our initial road map
• Setting up a collaborative art sesh with live jamz from some of the musicians in the community (please reach out if you’re a musician that we haven’t had a chance to speak with yet!)
• Beginning stages of crowdsourcing story arcs for the Gutter Cat Gang and turning those into digital and physical comics
• And a lot more to come! We just witnessed an unprecedented sell out and parabolic secondary market price action in the first few days, and we promise that we are just getting started! We’re so damn excited for this community and the direction it’s headed and can’t wait to announce some more roadmap initiatives that are being ironed out in the Gutter Lab – stay tuned fam! 🍻