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The Gutter Cat Gang is a collection of unique Gutter Cat NFTs who live in the post-apocalyptic shatters of society on the ETH blockchain. Our initial roadmap 1.0 initiatives include:

When 25% of the Gutter Cats sell out, we’ll establish the Gutter Discord Muscle, which will include a gang of community managers and moderators to police the Gutter streets alongside the devs. We really appreciate the community feedback and support, and thank you all for holding it down here in the meantime.

When 50% of the Gutter Cats sell out, randomly selected Gutter Cat owners will receive custom framed prints of their Gutter Cat.

When 75% of the Gutter Cats sell out, an exclusive Gutter Cat Gang merch line will drop (PS – potential merch designs are cooking and looking DOPE)

When 100% of the Gutter Cats sell out, a limited Gutter Cat Gang comic book will be created – randomly selected Gutter Cat owners will receive physical and digital copies, and all Gutter Cat owners will be entitled to claim tokenized versions.

Gutter Cat owners will collectively determine the future of the Gutter Cat Gang and most of the post-launch projects and partnerships that follow. There will be a set voting procedure for Gutter Cat owners to participate in and determine story arcs for the Gang’s fate in the Autonomous Zone and real world, and determine whether the Gutter Cats pursue certain social media channels and related projects.

There’s a lot being discussed regarding potential developments that people have reached out to us about, which we’d love to share with you all, but it would be unfair for us to hype things that aren’t locked down 100%. Just know we’re working around the clock, and right now, most of our focus is on a smooth launch.

Get your gang initiation, buy a Gutter Cat on Opensea: Here