The Gutter’s scarcity has made us the scrappiest and loudest community in the NFT space. When you see a tweet from someone looking to enter the NFT world, you already know the Gang’s showing out in the comments. By increasing the size of the Gutter Gang to 12,000 by adding two new species, we’ll have a membership base that will rock the NFT and real world, while also preserving the scarcity of the Gutter Cat Gang that we’ve all grown to appreciate. As we scale towards the future, we want to make sure The Gutter is worldwide — whether that be IRL or in the metaverse.

From this day forward, the Gutter Cat Gang roadmap is all about bringing utility to each of our species individually and also to those who hold multiple species. As mentioned, the Gutter Cats will always be our premier brand with the most utility, but holding Gutter Cats plus one, two, or three other Gutter species will unlock different tiers of utility and rewards as well. Best believe that!

The Gutter’s 2.0 Roadmap will be a living document that evolves over time, but here are some items that you can expect:

FREE utility in multiple metaverses (for all four species). Our current metaverse partnerships include HouseOfKibaa, TheSandBox(World/game build out by BlazeGamesAU), and Froglands “New Pangea”. We are taking over the metaverse.

Merch Drops with well known streetwear brands and merch that incorporates different properties from the Gutter collections (including, exclusive tiered drops for those who have sets of four, three, two, and one Gutter species — holding all four Gutter species will bring significant value in this regard).

-Regional IRL meetups and events throughout the year to strengthen our community bonds.

-Hip hop and electronic music collaborations with exclusive tiered access to events.

-Collaborations with professional athletes with exclusive tiered access

-Ongoing collaborations with several well known NFT artists that bring utility to all in the Gutter.

-Application of the Gutter’s IP for all four species in IRL products and productions (with the opportunity for the owners to benefit from the use of their specific NFTs).

The Gutter Cat Gang will provide all members of the Gutter with ongoing and exceptional value and an elite and exclusive community experience that celebrates and incorporates the revolutionary technology behind NFTs with street culture, fashion, music, and sports.

The Gutter is just getting started.