Wallet, DeadHeads, LandVault, BYOPills and Specific Engines

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– GANG GANG – as you know, we have (and will always continue to) develop partnerships with projects in an effort to create additional utility for all Gutter Cat owners, while also helping expand the reach of the Gang. Here are a few recent developments on this front: 

Trezor and Ledger Partnership: We’ve partnered with Trezor and Ledger to incentivize purchases of hard wallets in the community. Your safety is important to us and with the increasing number of scams and hacks recently, this was a no-brainer. 


We signed up as affiliate partners so we will get a percent of every sale sent to our wallet. However, every cent earned through the affiliation will go back to the community by being funneled into the DAO. So with every purchase made by clicking the links below, the community will receive: 


10% of every Ledger sale 

12% of every Trezor sale 


Our affiliate links are below: 

Ledger: https://shop.ledger.com/?r=082e36f97912 

Trezor: https://trezor.io/?offer_id=12&aff_id=8377 


DeadHeads: Gutter Cat Gang has officially partnered with DeadHeads! Their plans to develop an animated series based around the DeadHeads resonated with our vision, and they’ve put together a killer team to execute upon that. We’re excited to be working with them to include Gutter Cats prominently in the series, and glad to say that you guys will have the opportunity to win an appearance for your Cat! Tweet a picture of your Cat, with a story of its life and how it died, and use #DeadHeadsCastingCall for a chance to be selected! We look forward to working with DeadHeads to create value for all of our Gutter Cat holders. 


LandVault: We are proud to partner with LandVault! LandVault is an innovative utility based NFT that acts as a pass to all of their land in the metaverse, as well as providing numerous other exclusive benefits. This deal between the DAO and LandVault is designed to create additional metaverse utility for all Gutter Cat Holders. In LandVault’s AvatarLand, a space designed for avatar NFT projects, cat owners will be able to take advantage of all the benefits LandVault provides, while also putting money back into their pocket. That’s right, the DAO will get a share of all the revenue generated from our LandVault partnership activities, and the activities of Cat owners in AvatarLand. LandVault is hosting a party in DecentraLand at the casino on July 31st, with poker, giveaways, AMAs, and an all around great time. We would love to see GCG repping there, it’s all free of charge and covered by the good guys over at LandVault and DG. 


BYOPills: Gutter Cat Gang has also partnered with BYOPills, a project that is looking to create enhancing experiences in the metaverse. As an innovator in utility for NFTs, we look forward to using their technology to create enjoyable additions to life in the metaverse. With their recent announcement of “Portable Experiences” coming to Decentraland, we hope that our visions can be fully realized soon, and members of the Gang will be able to indulge themselves in one of the coolest metaverse enhancements around. Keep your eye out for a chance to #TripYourAvatar for free on Twitter later this week.

Specific Engines: While we continue to build out our estate in the Sandbox, it crossed our minds that every Cat will need an awesome metaverse ride. So we set out to get you guys some wheels. The DAO has officially partnered with Specific Engines on an endeavor to create a line of vehicles for all Gutter Cat owners. Tomorrow at 6PM EST., each Gutter Cat holder will be able to mint one of two Genesis models at random (Escat’lade or El da Gato) from our new partnership with Specific Engines for FREE+GAS from our website! These vehicles will be fully customizable (all the way down to the license plate), by order in the “Customs Shop”, which will be located on a DAO-owned parcel in the GCG 3×3 estate in the Sandbox. All revenue (from secondary royalties to vehicle customizations) will be shared between the DAO and Specific Engines as an additional revenue stream. That means that every time you buy a car or customization, money flows straight to the DAO treasury. In the future, the aim is to build this out further to include mini-games and other events around the cars. We would like to thank @Catnipsey Hussle and @dudidam for their awesome work for the community. We look forward to building out this partnership and building some of the dopest rides in the metaverse.