Welcome to the Gutter: Gutter Pigeons & Gutter Dogs Mid-week update


A HUGE WELCOME to all the new Gutter Gang members in the community – #ganggang! We want to thank you all for an epic Caturday last weekend, it was one for the books. The Gutter Pigeons & Dogs are DOPE, and we’re happy to see the NFT community share the same sentiment. The devs spent countless hours cookin’ up new traits that heavily express pop culture, streetwear, sports, and crypto – some trait combinations out there are insane. The Gutter Cat Gang is one of the most engaging and active NFT communities out today. Use the hashtag #GangFollowGang to find new members and show them love.

Some quick Gutter Pigeons & Gutter Dogs post-drop stats:

Gutter Pigeons
– Total Supply: 3,000
355 Gutter Mint Pass Species #3 remaining on secondary market.
64.3% Unique Owners.
502 ETH traded.
– Highest Last Sale: 15 ETH (~$52,818)

Gutter Dogs
– Total Supply: 3,000
278 Gutter Mint Pass Species #4 remaining on secondary market.
64.4% Unique Owners.
1.1k ETH traded
– Highest Last Sale: 15 ETH (~$52,818).

New Ultra-Rare traits
Check out some of the 1/1’s that were minted! Congrats to the lucky members of the community that were able to pull these badass Gutter Pigeons & Dogs.

What’s going on in The Gutter:

Today, we airdropped Gutter Cat & Rat holders exclusive new Gutter Art piece NFTs by SadGirls Galaxy! Drawn by artist Ellepleure, the illustration depicts the gang plotting their next move at Big Lou’s Diner. These custom art pieces are completely hand-drawn in Elle’s signature style – Gutter, yet immaculate. Be on the lookout for a dope 1/1 GCG art auction this week by Elle.

Airdrop details:

[GCG x Sadgirls Volume 1]
– Gutter Cats & Rats receive  x1 “Sit Down at Big Lou’s Diner” NFT
– Gutter Cat holders receive x1 Gutter Cat x Sadgirls NFT
– Gutter Rat holders receive x1 Gutter rat x Sadgirls NFT

The airdrop has started and will be completed within the next 24 hours.

Our plan is to continue to collaborate with awesome artists to increase the artists’ exposure and provide the gang with free art as a small piece of ongoing utility. All 4 Gutter Species will receive free airdrops from the best artists in the NFT community. Some airdrops will go to one base species and cats while others will go to all members. Gutter Gang members will always receive the highest quality airdrops from artists the gang believes in. Check out “Sit Down at Big Lou’s Diner” below.


The metaverse is getting Gutter! The best metaverse builders in the game are hard at work creating a laundry list of weapons, wearables, real estate offerings, and other assets exclusively for the Gutter Cat Gang in The Sandbox and House of Kibaa! Gutter Cats, Rats, Pigeons, Dogs, and different groupings of each will receive varying amounts of raffle entries for FREE for these badass metaverse assets – stay tuned for more details! ALL 4 species will be receiving free Voxel versions to play as in TheSandBox and all 4 species will be made in 3D and VR/AR ready in The House Of Kibaa metaverse. We can’t wait to kick it at the Gutter Cat mansion and then slide’ to the Bird Gang trap house for the Caturday Night Live.

We’re cookin’ up Merch 2.0 designs and working with some dope streetwear brands for our next collaboration. Expect some news in the upcoming weeks – as our brand grows, we are making sure the Gutter Cat Gang is synonymous with the illest’ streetwear brands. Got merch 1.0? Use the hashtag #guttermerch to flex that sweet tie-dye hoodie and dad hat on Twitter.

Rarity Tools
We’re live on Rarity Tools! Check the rarity of your Gutter Pigeon & Dog NFTs – some are rare, some are dope. Most are Both. Keep in mind, the rarity will change as more mint passes are redeemed.

New addition to The Muscle
We would like to welcome Dave Kebo to The Muscle moderator team! Dave is an passionate member of the GCG Discord and has been working on the writing for the official Gutter Cat Gang comic that is coming soon. Dave will be taking on all the responsibilities of The Muscle. Feel free to hit him up with any questions or concerns, and make sure to congratulate him on his new role. He has a SICK Gutter collection, ask him about it! Gang gang.


Keep it Gutta. Stay tuned for more updates.


Gutter Pigeons Collection on OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/gutterpigeons
Gutter Dogs Collection on OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/gutterdogs
Gutter Species Mint Pass on OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/gutter-species-mint-pass

Redeem Mint Pass – https://redeemmintpass.guttercatgang.com/

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